Name of the child: how to make the right choice

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Name of the child: how to make the right choice

Choosing a name for an unborn baby is one of the most important and touching moments in a family’s life. A new person is born and the name that you give him will determine his character and, possibly, his entire future fate. How to choose the right name for a child? There are several options.

Option one. Many families have a tradition of naming a child after grandparents, great-grandparents, great-grandmothers, or other relatives. This custom is not bad, but, of course, you need to know the fate, advantages and disadvantages of the person after whom you name your baby. If, for example, the great-grandfather was a great lover of alcohol, is it worth giving his name to the child? You do not need to name a baby after his father, unless it is an ancient tradition of your family.

Option two. You can choose a name for the child according to the holy calendar. There are many names in the church calendar, and for every taste. As a rule, the child is named after some saint or saint, on the day of celebration on which he was born. For example, if your son was born on December 19, then it is best to name him Nicholas, in honor of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. A daughter born on September 30 is well called Faith, Hope, Love or Sophia, in honor of any of these holy martyrs. Do not be too lazy to read the biography of the saint whose name you name the child. Pay attention to the meaning of the name.

Option three. Write the names you both like on separate cards and draw lots. The name that will fall out and be worn by the baby.

Option four. This method is suitable for those who already have children. Ask an older child to come up with a name for a younger brother or sister. So he will feel his involvement in what is happening. He will not be jealous and will keep a caring attitude towards the younger for life. You can give names to children with the same letter (Artem and Arina, Anna and Anastasia, Daniel and Daria).

Both parents should like the name of the child, but it is better to limit the influence of other relatives on this choice. An ugly or overly extravagant name will eventually cause ridicule from peers and overshadow the school years. The name of the child should be in harmony with both the patronymic and the surname. Recently, it has become very fashionable to call children by old, unusual names. It’s a good tradition, only now in kindergarten groups you can find 4-5 Arins and not a single Olya. When naming your baby with spectacular, foreign names (Michelle, David, Erica, Elsa), try to choose a combination that will not be funny, and remember that your child will have to live in Russia — the most unpredictable country in the world.

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