Pressure reducer for water in the apartment

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Pressure reducer for water in the apartment

Unstable water pressure in the system: what to do

In any city apartment of comfort there are all engineering communications. This also applies to the supply of water, which must always be under a certain pressure. It’s just that this is often a problem. It will be possible to solve them if you install a pressure reducer, which helps to equalize it. It may be needed in several cases. What do you need to know about it?
When choosing a pressure regulator on the website of the Aqualand store, you need to understand in what cases it will be useful.
  1. Unstable water pressure, which can be spasmodic.
  2. The pressure is too strong, which concerns the inhabitants of the first floors more.
  3. Very little pressure, and this negatively affects household appliances.
  4. Water hammer, which sometimes even leads to rupture of pipes in the system.
Thanks to this device, you can comfortably use both cold and hot water. As for low pressure, it is important to remember that the geyser will not always turn on. The same goes for both the washing machine and the dishwasher. For such household appliances, stable water pressure is required. As a result, they will last much longer.
Water pressure reducer

Varieties of gearboxes

Pressure regulators used in the plumbing system are distinguished by their diversity. And it’s not about size or shape. First of all, you need to look at the view. Since we are talking about household devices, they are divided into membrane and piston, and each category has its own not only advantages, but also some disadvantages. Therefore, you need to look at which device is more suitable for a particular case.
First, you should deal with piston gearboxes, because they are most often found on sale. Among the advantages it is necessary to highlight the following points:
  • high prevalence;
  • affordability;
  • simplicity of design;
  • compactness index.

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Also, many experts also note high reliability. But this is more about the situation when such a device is properly operated. And of the minuses, it is worth noting that for such a device you will need purified water. Therefore, a filter must be installed before it.
pressure regulator
The second type is membrane gearboxes, which have one serious drawback. The thing is that their cost is 2 times more than piston models. But there are also advantages:
  • reliable tightness of the chamber;
  • there is no need to install a filter;
  • maintenance is greatly simplified;
  • the pressure adjustment range is wider.
But it does not matter which type is chosen; when buying, you must also look at both the type of connection and the material of manufacture, on which the service life depends.


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