Psychology of dream formation: how to understand what we want in the first place?

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Some people have to constantly work, make a lot of efforts to make their dream come true, but they never succeed. And others from the outside seem to be real lucky ones. It seems that they live for their own pleasure, and they don’t devote much time to work, and their desires, as if by magic, come true. It seems that fate brings them everything on a silver platter, and the guardian angel protects them from evil and failure. It turns out that it’s not about luck at all, but about realizing your true desires. First of all, you need to understand your psychology, understand what we really want, and what is not of particular value to us, and only after that complain about broken relationships, lack of money, lack of career growth, poor health.

Human psychology: maybe happiness is in money?

Human psychology: maybe happiness is in money?

Many people believe that they do not have enough money to be happy. In fact, they make good money, at least enough for everything they need, but they want to afford a lot more: travel to distant countries, clothes from the best world designers, a yacht, a house on the ocean … Otherwise, happiness will be illusory, incomplete and fake.

But look at the situation from the other side. You have got a lot of money. This amount is much more than the one you are used to, which means you know how to manage it. Will the psychology of your behavior change? Of course! First of all, you will start buying things that you could not afford before. Then visit the tour desk and choose an expensive ticket to the fairyland. Maybe decide to change your place of residence, buy a car, a yacht …

But after the euphoria, the understanding will still come that your lifestyle should change dramatically. You are already a rich person, and wealthy people not only spend, but also earn, and also invest money wisely. Intrusive thoughts will constantly spin in your head. You will be worried about the question of what to do with such a huge amount: start a business or invest in a bank at interest? Both the first and second options carry a lot of risk. To run a business, you need experience, besides, you need to take on a lot of responsibility and at first work 24 hours a day.

It will become more and more difficult to build relationships with people, as many personalities will immediately appear among your environment, who will not be interested in you as a person, but only in your money. You may even have to change your social circle. It is not for nothing that people say: the rich are not the comrade of the poor. Different interests, views, topics for conversation. You will have to learn to dress differently, behave differently, meet all the requirements of high society.

Maybe all this is too difficult for you, and, in fact, you are afraid to leave your comfort zone? And your desire to have a lot of money is just a desire, not a cherished dream, the fulfillment of which will make you a happy person.

Attitude towards work: career first

Attitude towards work: career first

Many people dream of being in the boss’s chair. There is nothing surprising in this: the salary is higher, the office is brighter and larger, and even a whole “detachment” of subordinates. General respect and admiration for the talents of senior management are worth a lot! It remains only to give out commands, enjoy life and excellent relationships with others. But how could it be otherwise, because you imagine yourself as a smart and reasonable boss.

But is everything really as smooth as it seems from the outside? The boss must have a good understanding of human psychology, take responsibility for other people, constantly delve into their problems. If subordinates do not work well, do not fulfill their duties, then the responsibility, first of all, falls on the boss. Dismissing a person who is not coping with work is not a way out. In his place, you need to immediately take another, and it is not so easy to find a highly qualified specialist.

The position of boss or director implies a change in lifestyle. You should expect that the working day will become irregular. You may need to work on holidays or weekends. Work will remind you of itself at any time of the day, and you will not be able, as before, to belong to yourself.

Each of us has his own mission, and only a few are endowed with the talent of a leader. Human psychology implies a constant search for oneself, one’s place in life. So before once again being upset about the lack of career growth, think about whether a quiet life is more important for you?

Psychology of lonely people: if I had a family

Psychology of lonely people: if I had a family

Many people who live on their own claim that for happiness they need one thing — a full-fledged family. They are afraid of loneliness and dream of meeting a person who will make their life rich and joyful. Children’s laughter, which will fill an empty house, seems to them a sound that inspires confidence in the future. A day spent with your family, according to single people, will not be lived in vain.

They get acquainted, start a serious relationship, and even for some time live with their chosen ones in a civil marriage, but for some reason they don’t go beyond that. What is the psychology of a person who, with all his desire to have a family, cannot make his dream come true?

This statement may seem strange to many, but not everyone needs a family. Some people feel great being alone, but they just don’t want to admit it to others, or even to themselves. Such is psychology. They are alarmed by the fact that they will have to change their usual way of life and constantly adapt to other people, even if they are loved and dear. Having lived alone for some time, a person “acquires” habits that suit him, but are unlikely to please other people.

Having got used to sleep enough, it is difficult to adjust to an early rise or sleepless nights at the crib. It is not easy to get away from quiet evenings in front of the TV, and weekends regularly spent in the company of noisy and carefree friends. But the wife and children will definitely not be delighted with such a pastime of the father of the family.

A person is a full owner of his life as long as he lives alone. Creating a family involves a change in lifestyle, habits, attitudes. You will have to listen to the opinions of others, and often put their desires above your own ambitions.

So some people do not start serious relationships, because in their hearts they do not strive for them, and maybe even are afraid of promising relationships.


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