Quarrels in the relationship of girlfriends: ways of reconciliation

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Some men perceive female friendship with irony. They are sure that the relationship of the fair sex can be called friendship, but by no means such a loud and meaningful word as friendship. Of course, girls do not share the opinion of guys, and examples of true friendship prove the opposite. The weak half of humanity knows how to help, support, listen, empathize…

Conflicts and quarrels in female friendship

Conflicts and quarrels in female friendship

Of course, the relationship of women is not always cloudless. And there is nothing terrible or surprising in this. After all, friends have the right to express their own opinion and defend their point of view. And if people do not agree in their views, or life paths diverge for a while, then quarrels and misunderstandings are possible between them. But fragile creatures find the strength to understand and forgive.

Having solved the problem that has arisen, after listening and understanding what happened, sometimes it’s not easy to start talking again, as if nothing had happened. Only true friends are capable of this, and friendship, as you know, is tested by time.

Quarrels often occur spontaneously, sometimes out of the blue a real scandal flares up, the main characters of which are close people. Unfortunately, at this moment a person ceases to control his emotions, and can say too much. Resentment creeps deep into the heart, especially if the offender is a friend. For this reason, the path to reconciliation can be thorny and long. And in order to overcome it, you must first understand the cause of the conflict, make an analysis of the situation, and only then act.

Relationship with a guy makes girlfriend jealous

There is an opinion among the people that most often girls quarrel over guys. There is some truth in this statement: a large number of such scenarios are a clear confirmation of this.

For example: single girls have been friends for more than one year, they spend every free minute together. And then one of them meets a guy with whom she has a serious relationship. She wants to see her beloved as often as possible. The behavior of a girl in love is natural, but at the same time there is practically no time left for her friend.

It can not be said that having fallen in love with a woman, she completely forgets about her friend. She tries to find her a gentleman among the friends of her chosen one, if possible, runs in for a cup of coffee, invites her to the movies or shopping, periodically arranges a date for three, who, as a rule, look ridiculous.

In the latter case, in addition to the comical situation, there is a possibility that the good aspirations of the girl will turn against her. Over time, it may seem to her that the boyfriend and girlfriend are looking at each other with interest. They have a lot of common topics for conversation, and there are times when they simply do not notice it. Jealousy and resentment are born in the heart.

It is possible that the efforts of a woman who has met her love are in vain, and her friend still feels abandoned. She refuses to walk the three of us, and sadly recalls the times when there was no man between them.

How to build a relationship with a friend?

How to build a relationship with a friend?

Neither situation contributes to the development of normal trusting relationships. Friendship in both cases is destroyed by banal jealousy. What should women do?

If you are the girl who was jealous of her lover for her friend, then be sure to apologize. When you stop trusting, you hurt the feelings of a dear person. And this is true, because trust and jealousy are incompatible concepts. You must believe that a person whom you have known for a very long time, sharing both joy and grief, talking about your emotional experiences and asking for advice, will not be able to “beat off” your boyfriend, because he knows what pain you will experience at the same time.

It is also worth reconsidering your behavior and relationships with your girlfriend. It’s good that you take the issue of female friendship so seriously, but after all, every person should have a personal life. You yourself have made your girlfriend an inseparable part of your tandem. Don’t ask her out on a date. This is the world of two lovers and there is no place for a third in it. Such an approach will help to avoid the likelihood of unpleasant situations.

If you were lucky enough to meet love, and it is very difficult for your faithful girlfriend to accept the fact that you can no longer spend all your free time together, try to understand her. She really feels alone and abandoned. It’s hard for her, which is why she is offended and upset. If we are talking about a real friend, then deep down she is happy for you, just a dramatically changed situation, takes her out of her usual rut.

Explain that she is dear to you, as before, and you value the relationship. But life flows, circumstances change, and perhaps tomorrow she will be in your place. Promise that in any case, you will provide the necessary assistance and support. You have remained the same person, with the same habits and views, only become happier, because love gives people wings.

Envy and friendship are incompatible

Envy and friendship are incompatible

There should not be envy between close people. At the same time, none of us is immune from this feeling. We compare ourselves with other people, and sometimes it seems that they are happier, richer, more beautiful. Female friendship and envy should not go hand in hand, but, unfortunately, sometimes they have to “touch”.

When you can’t control your feelings, the only thing left is to work on yourself and apologize. In this case, both girls should change the psychology of behavior. You can’t brag, exalt your achievements and virtues, put yourself above the rest, then there will be less reason for envy.

To restrain emotions, to be able to be happy for others, to be near both in grief and in happiness — real female friendship rests on these components.

Learn to treat your girlfriends with understanding, give them freedom and the opportunity to build a personal life. Everyone is entitled to their own secrets, their own space, and a friend is no exception. He can share experiences and feelings, but only when he wants to do it, he does not need to insist in any case. And even more so to be offended, for the fact that you are not initiated into all the secrets.

Friendship is the complete acceptance of a person. We notice the shortcomings of a friend, but easily put up with them.


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