Relationships with people who take away vitality

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We interact with different people every day. Unfortunately, communication does not always bring joy and satisfaction. If this happens very often, then you need to reconsider your relationships with friends, acquaintances and loved ones. Most likely, among them there are people with whom you do not go along the way. It is best to refuse to associate with those who drag you down, with whom you lose yourself as a person or feel empty and confused.

Breaking off a relationship that has lasted more than one year is not easy, but believe me, after that it will become much more pleasant and easier for you to live. To understand with whom exactly you should not communicate, you need to understand the psychology of a person, learn to analyze his actions and behavior.

Relationships with vampires and brawlers are bad for your health

Relationships with vampires and brawlers are bad for your health

A distinctive feature of a vampire man is the constant presence of a large number of problems, which he is ready to talk about for hours. For him, you are the «battery» from which he is charged. Any communication comes down to crying and pouring out your soul, telling how he lives, how many failures have fallen on his head, how much his health and general well-being have worsened. Of course, you listen to your friend, try to find a way out of the current situation, sympathize, but after the conversation you feel incredible fatigue, headache and apathy.

And even when you are trying to show with all your appearance that you are bored, or transfer the conversation to other, more interesting topics, the interlocutor remains unshakable. Most importantly, his own problems, such is his psychology!

It is not easy to conduct a dialogue with people who are brawlers. Communication with them necessarily leads to a showdown. Your desire to avoid conflict will most likely lead nowhere. A person who prefers to solve problems by shouting, rather than finding peaceful ways out of existing situations, enjoys this. He will find fault with trifles, look for hidden meanings in your words. The main thing for a brawler is not to come to an agreement, but the process of the dispute itself, he likes to demonstrate dominance and control other people. Some individuals even get a «portion» of energy recharge, scandal and sorting out relationships. They can be classified as energy vampires.

Psychology of behavior of egoists and manipulators

Psychology of behavior of egoists and manipulators

Egoists are not cunning by nature and most often openly demonstrate and express their desires. They can make demands and believe that everything around should revolve around their personality. The psychology of an egoist is simple: all people are obliged to help them, admire their abilities and beauty. In addition, they believe that friends are obliged to rush to them at the first call, leaving all their affairs, and forgetting about their own problems. In fact, such a person is not interested in you as a person. You are required to make a sacrifice that they take for granted. Keeping in touch with selfish people, you must understand that this is not friendship at all, as it is built on mutual support, trust and understanding. In this case, all these components, of course, are present, since without them it is impossible to develop relations, but only unilaterally.

If egoists openly show their qualities and are not afraid to ask for help, then manipulators do the same, but achieve their goal in other ways. They know all your weaknesses and habits, and they perfectly understand when and what string you need to pull in order to get what you want from you. It can be praise, after which you «melt» and fulfill any request. In another case, flattery can be used: they will prove to you that no one but you will do this job better and better.

Sometimes manipulators try to make a person feel guilty by refusing to help them. When communicating with this type of people, the main thing is to understand: they are trying to succeed and make their life easier with your hands, shifting the burden of their affairs and responsibilities onto other people’s shoulders. Under their influence, you can change beyond recognition, betraying your principles and views. The development of relationships with egoists and manipulators is based on similar scenarios with slight differences.

Developing relationships with hypocrites and martyrs

Developing relationships with hypocrites and martyrs

Associating with hypocrites makes you feel smart and beautiful. They constantly lavish compliments, praise others, admire their style, clothing and demeanor. They speak flatteringly not only about you, but also about your family members. According to them, your children are the most beautiful and talented, and the second half is caring and loving. Often such people are overly curious, and having endeared a person to themselves with the help of compliments and flattering words, they try to find out as many secrets as possible. In the near future, secrets will most likely cease to be secrets, since hypocrites love to gossip, and they will not have the strength to keep your secrets. At any opportunity, they will “share” information with those who will be interested in it. It’s good if they tell everything as it is, but they can also fantasize.

Being next to the sufferer, one involuntarily begins to believe that life consists of only black stripes. Martyrs are rarely in good spirits. Most often they are depressed, upset and in a terrible mood. It seems to them that everyone around them intends to harm them, and make life even more difficult and bleak. They just want support and understanding, but, unfortunately, people in our time, in their opinion, are not capable of such manifestations of feelings.

In fact, sufferers live no worse than everyone else, and maybe even better. They are not going to change their lives. All they need from you is to receive a portion of compassion and pity. True friendship, of course, is impossible without the manifestation of these qualities, but believe me, the sufferer needs them all the time, he will absorb them in huge portions. If you still decide to continue your relationship with such people, then do not dare to laugh and enjoy life while communicating with them: they will consider your behavior unethical. Well, how can you have fun when a friend is suffering?

We build our own lives and have the right to decide with whom to maintain communication. If the development of a relationship with a person close to you is alarming or spoils your mood, try to explain your feelings to him. Perhaps he will try to change his behavior. If everything remains the same, then you are not on your way!


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