Secrets of communication, or How to start a conversation with a girl

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Secrets of communication, or How to start a conversation with a girl

Communication with girls is a natural need of the opposite sex. But you need to be ready for a dialogue on a subconscious level, changing your own internal attitudes and attitude towards communication. You need to set yourself up for the fact that talking with girls is pleasant for you and her.
Secrets of communication, or How to start a conversation with a girl

To start a conversation with a girl, you need to interest her

Starting a conversation with a girl is actually not difficult: just ask her a request or a question. It is much more difficult to make sure that the dialogue is not limited to two empty phrases, but continues. To do this, you need to interest the girl you like. How to do it?

The effect of novelty, a non-standard approach is necessary for a representative of the opposite sex to express a desire to continue acquaintance. To the standard phrases «How to get there?» better not to resort. Much more interesting will sound: “Happy holiday to you! With which? Yes, today is a day of great mood!

It’s no secret that men with a good sense of humor endear themselves. After all, the main goal is to make the girl smile or have another positive reaction. Non-standard phrases can confuse a girl for a few seconds. This is a normal reaction, but for a young person it is important not to allow long pauses.

The first answer is followed by the second question. It is desirable that it be appropriate. Being near a cafe, you can ask what kind of coffee does a new friend like, in which institution in the city is it prepared? The coffee invitation that follows will look logical.

So that the conversation does not resemble an interrogation, the questions should be witty, diluted with jokes. Then the dialogue will flow naturally and easily.

They are greeted by clothes …

So says folk wisdom. You can start a conversation with a girl under any pretext. But the first thing she will appreciate is the appearance of a potential acquaintance. Stylish, neat, radiating energy and positive men always arouse the keen interest of the opposite sex.

When making an acquaintance, you need to keep your shoulders straight, taking your hands out of your pockets. Smoking is also not recommended. A sparkle in the eyes, a smile on the face, a direct open look arouse female interest.

How to behave during a conversation

Psychologists believe that it is better to approach a girl from the left side. You should never block her path, catch up with a run: there is a chance that she will take you for a maniac. You should contact only when a representative of the weaker sex notices a young man.

It must be remembered that a new acquaintance is closely watching your reaction. But you do not need to stand at attention. Change the position of your legs, gesticulate with your hands to the beat of the girl. Blindly copying her gestures can be misinterpreted as clowning. But the response movements will look natural.

If the girl smiles, willingly answers questions, then contact has been established. Do not forget about compliments, though not frequent. Otherwise, your friend will see you as a flatterer.

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