Selection of bouquets of flowers according to the sign of the zodiac

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Selection of bouquets of flowers according to the sign of the zodiac

There are few people who are not interested in who they are according to the horoscope, and what the stars promise them in life. In books devoted to horoscopes for different signs of the zodiac, you can find information about which color is the main one for a particular sign, which stone can be worn by representatives of different signs, and which flower will bring them good luck.
Knowing which flowers are preferred by representatives of a particular zodiac constellation, you can easily choose a bouquet or composition as a gift and order flower delivery in Odessa, indicating the address, date and best time for delivery of the order to the addressee in the application.


  • Aries
  • Taurus
  • Twins
  • crayfish
  • Lionesses
  • Virgin
  • scorpions
  • archers
  • Capricorn


One of the fiery signs, and they themselves are passionate and very characteristic natures, temperamental and decisive. And it is better for them to give flowers bright, fiery — yellow and orange, hot pink, burgundy, scarlet. Preference should be given to roses, gerberas, tulips, anemones, lilies. For a gift on a date, you can present a bouquet of violets. Aries will be disappointed if they give him flowers that are too simple — ordinary daisies, dahlias or asters.


They like large flowers, which should have a not too intense, but quite perceptible aroma. Flower color — red, white, pink. Suitable roses, chrysanthemums, gladioli. Lilies of the valley, forget-me-nots or snowdrops are also an option for gifting flowers to Taurus. But do not buy bouquets with dark-colored orchids and tulips.


There will be no problems with the choice of flowers as a gift for Gemini, if you know that any flowers that are a symbol of friendship and love will suit them, and there are many such flowers. These are poppies, daisies, violets, peonies, carnations and roses. The color range of flowers is quite wide. These are white, light yellow, blue, purple flowers. And only orchids are excluded from the list of possible gifts.

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Very thin and very sensitive and vulnerable creatures. They will like the presence of water lilies, callas, lilacs, lilies in bouquets. A charming bouquet of delicate snowdrops will also be received with gratitude. But peonies or carnations will be rough for Cancers.


You should not approach the royal Lioness with simple bells, daisies, sunflowers. At best she will be sarcastic, at worst she will be offended. But one huge Ecuadorian rose on a meter stem, decorated with a simple ribbon, will be accepted by her. A lioness will appreciate a bouquet of orchids, and will be delighted with tropical rarities. The color of the flowers is fiery: yellow, orange, red. No roses and orchids? Chrysanthemums, majestic gladioli or bright gerberas will do.


But Virgo will prefer graceful small flowers. And again it will be roses, only much smaller, as well as carnations, asters. The color of the flowers should be light: white, blue and even green. A gift of orchids in a pot is possible, as well as other beautiful indoor plants. You should not give Virgos bouquets of gladioli, dahlias, gerberas.
Libras are elegant, no strangers to romance. Prefer bouquets of flowers of the lightest and most delicate colors. They will be delighted with their favorite lilies and chrysanthemums. But you can choose bouquets with gladioli, hybrid tea roses, orchids, gardenias. But irises, forget-me-nots and lilies of the valley are banned for them.


Scorpio loves everything dynamic and extravagant. He loves brightly colored flowers. A combination of scarlet roses, yellow chrysanthemums and blue delphiniums is quite suitable. Daffodils and irises will also be welcome. But Scorpio will not tolerate too simple flowers: forget-me-nots, dahlias.


Big lover of beautiful flowers. Therefore, he will always appreciate a bouquet of roses, tulips. chrysanthemums of bright colors and shades: blue, blue, purple, red. Flowers should be on a tall stem.

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Capricorn is traditional in everything. This also applies to bouquets. Their form should be classic. Flowers are preferably light-colored. Suitable budget tulips and carnations, chrysanthemums. Restrained Capricorn does not tolerate waste. But, nevertheless, he will not understand the person who presented him with a bouquet of bluebells.

Guided by the predilections of representatives of the signs of the zodiac, it will not be difficult to make the right choice.
A representative, and even more so a representative of any of the twelve signs, will be quite flattered by the attention.


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