Sofa, ottoman and other furniture for the hallway: convenience and practicality

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Sofa, ottoman and other furniture for the hallway: convenience and practicality

It is the entrance hall that meets and escorts home and guests. This room should immediately, as soon as you enter the house, evoke a feeling of comfort and coziness. You can achieve such a “homely” feeling by arranging this room in such a way that it would be comfortable and beautiful in it. For example, by placing a sofa or ottoman in it, on which you can sit down to put on shoes.


  • Size doesn’t matter
  • Furniture is different
  • Wardrobe — roomy and capacious
  • Sofa or ottoman — stuffed
  • Chest of drawers and shoe rack — a trifle, but nice
  • Mirrors and light are magic tools

Size doesn’t matter

Well, when the hallway is spacious. But, unfortunately, often not too much space is allocated to this room in the house, and in some apartments it generally resembles a closet somewhere under the stairs. But whatever the area, you can make it so that it would be comfortable to use it and create the impression of a cozy home.

Furniture is different

The main function of the hallway is to meet and see off the owners and guests of the house. It should have a place where you can hang outerwear and put outdoor shoes or indoor slippers. And also it is used as a place to store some things, clothes out of season, shoes. Furniture for the hallway is varied. These are obligatory all kinds of wardrobes, sofas or poufs, chests of drawers, hangers, shelves, mirrors. It is clear that each owner will arrange the first room in his house according to his taste and in accordance with his concepts of comfort and practicality. But still, you can follow some tips to use them to equip the hallway.

Wardrobe — roomy and capacious

Wardrobe — a mandatory attribute of the hallway. Agree that you want to store things and shoes that are worn on the street, and even in the rain, slush, somehow more closed. In addition, there can be a lot of things intended for all family members, and a simple hanger will be hung with them, like a raspberry bush with berries in a harvest year. Yes, and it is also necessary to put away seasonal items for storage somewhere, and boxes with shoes, coats and jackets hanging in the bedroom are not very good. Therefore, the closet for the hallway should be roomy and capacious. The most suitable for this is a built-in wardrobe. It will have the dimensions that are suitable for a particular room — from floor to ceiling in the size of the provided wall opening, if there is a choice, then sliding doors in such a cabinet are the best option, they will save a lot of space in the hallway, which is important if it small in area.

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Sofa or ottoman — stuffed

A piece of furniture on which you can sit down to put on or take off your shoes, you can choose a folding camping chair. But, I think that a sofa for a hallway or an ottoman is a more suitable option. They will not only have their intended purpose, but will be used as a mini-pantry. You can buy a pouffe in St. Petersburg. After all, a folding seat can hide under it a place to store a shoe brush and cream, for example. And if you can put a small, narrow sofa in the hallway, then it will be easy to put children’s toys for the street or, for example, skates into it. In addition, a pouffe or sofa covered with leatherette is very practical, because it is easy to take care of them, bringing cleanliness and order, and this is important for a room that welcomes everyone from the street.

Chest of drawers and shoe rack — a trifle, but nice

You can find quite a few options for combined furniture for a small hallway. For example, a combined chest of drawers for storing small items, such as gloves and umbrellas, and a shoe rack for the shoes that are currently in the sock. Such pieces of furniture seem to be optional, but very practical. After all, putting gloves, mittens, a scarf somewhere, the necessary things that should be at hand, is also necessary. And the shoes that are worn this season should be placed somewhere when everyone is at home. Namely, the shoe rack will allow you to remove shoes out of sight, and do it right so that it does not deteriorate.

Mirrors and light are magic tools

The hallway is most often a room without natural light. But the much-needed object of this room is a mirror, as well as artificial lighting can become magical means that will help push the walls of the hallway, visually increasing its space. If there is no separate place for the location of the mirror, then it can be placed on the cabinet doors. It will be in full growth, which will allow you to meticulously examine yourself before going out into the street. And a well-lit mirror, reflecting the surrounding space, will become a visual continuation of the hallway, creating a feeling of air even in a small room. There may be several lamps in the hallway. This is both a general overhead light and local lamps opposite the mirror. By the way, they are very convenient to take a good look at yourself in the mirror and touch up your makeup, for example. It would also be nice to place a wall lamp near the entrance, so that when you come home, you do not have to go to the switch in the dark.

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Even a small but properly organized entrance hall will become a cozy and comfortable room at home, where you always want to return as soon as possible.
Good luck!


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