Stretch ceilings as a modern type of decoration

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Stretch ceilings as a modern type of decoration

Crumbling plaster, cracks and smudges from good neighbors — such a ceiling can destroy the most attractive atmosphere and negate the brightest design ideas. The obvious way out is to get a stretch ceiling. Such an interior solution is not only practical and convenient, but also very relevant. Regardless of whether you resort to the services of a construction team or carry out the installation yourself, there are a number of important questions that need answers: Which stretch ceiling is better to use? Will the selected type of ceiling covering be combined with the interior being created? What color scheme should be preferred to achieve the desired result? The answers are not always unambiguous, therefore, before making a decision in favor of one or another type of ceiling covering, you should read the opinion of experts from Home Decor.


  • Seam and seamless stretch ceilings
    • Seamless
    • Suture
  • Multilevel stretch ceilings
  • Stretch ceilings in the children’s room

Seam and seamless stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings, first of all, are divided into seamless and seam.


Seamless ceiling coverings, as the name implies, do not have seams, which is very important when solving design problems. As a rule, the materials from which they are made do not emit substances harmful to the body and are not subject to combustion. The advantages of using seamless stretch ceilings also include their high strength, which is achieved through the use of dense fabric, as well as the ability to operate the coating even at sub-zero temperatures around forty degrees Celsius.

The use of seamless ceilings is most often recommended in the construction of country cottages. This ceiling covering retains its useful qualities and attractiveness of appearance even with sudden changes in temperature, which is convenient in case of prolonged construction work.

The absence of neighbors with the ability to flood the premises is also a factor to consider when choosing a seamless stretch ceiling. It may not withstand the pressure of water.

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Suture stretch ceilings are otherwise called pvc. Their component is a fairly dense film, usually having a width of one and a half to three and a half meters. This film is stretched over fasteners that provide a flat surface and tightness.
The main advantage of seam ceilings is the safety of property in case of water penetration into the premises from apartments located on the floor above. The rich assortment of such ceiling coverings is also important. In a good salon, you will be presented with a variety of models with different textures and shades, embossed to look like fabric and leather, with mirror and translucent coatings. For some reason, designers like to play with seamless ceilings more.

Seam stretch ceilings are designed to resist fluid flow. Imagine, they retain their strength even with a pressure of one hundred liters of water per square meter of film! Therefore, experts recommend installing exactly suture stretch ceilings in apartments of a multi-storey building, where there is a possibility that the room may be flooded.

One of the most fashionable and popular design ideas of recent times is the combination of several ceiling textures in one room. Such a technique will especially advantageously emphasize your bedroom, children’s room or corridor. Thus, without changing the interior, you can improve it by making it more expressive or, on the contrary, less catchy.

Multilevel stretch ceilings

If the apartment has a long corridor, in order to effectively decorate it, care should be taken that the lighting fixtures highlight only some parts of the interior, such as paintings or decorative elements located on the walls. To implement this idea, you can apply glossy ceilings, which, together with spotlights, will create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. You can transform, decorate and enliven the bedroom with the help of multi-level stretch ceilings, which will create a special interior design, complemented by diffused lighting devices. Using glossy, mirror or satin textures, you can zone the room. You can decorate the bedroom with translucent stretch ceilings with additional lights that are hidden from view behind a matte film.

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Stretch ceilings in the children’s room

In the children’s room, the design of the ceilings can be not only stylish, but also creative, which is possible through the use of hand-painted or photo printing. Experts say that there is no need to overdo it, trying to give the drawn characters maximum believability. It is possible that a child who stays most of the time in his room may become uncomfortable being in a room with many bright images. The most economical option, which is best suited for a child’s room, is satin ceilings, made in soothing colors, with a barely noticeable play of light. If your baby is a fidget, and it is required that the ceiling covering does not scatter the attention of the child, it is best to install stretch ceilings in matte, pastel colors that match the color scheme of the interior of the children’s room.


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