The number of sexual partners in women before marriage does not reduce the chances of marriage

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Researchers from the universities of Utah and Oklahoma found that the number of relationships with men before marriage does not affect the likelihood of marriage in the long run.

As it turned out, the influence of «multiple sexual relations on the level of marriage is seasonal» in nature, and the number of partners accumulated over a lifetime does not have an effect, scientists say. Researchers in the US studied data from 9,000 people over 18 years.

A significant recent number of intimate relationships has been associated with a reduced likelihood of marriage within only one year, suggesting that this correlation is temporary. The scientists said: “We hypothesize that the impact of multiple sex partners on the likelihood of marriage is seasonal, reflecting a period when people enjoy activity with less commitment and this does not have a long-term impact. Women who have had several love affairs marry just as often as virgins, although a few years later.

They found that the lowest likelihood of marriage among men and women is among those who do not have a partner and probably do not seek relationships or constantly fail in the “marriage market”.

Experts offer a number of explanations for why people put off getting married or refuse to get married at all. These include better economic prospects for women who want to achieve financial stability before marriage, and “disillusionment” with the idea of ​​long-term relationships with marital obligations.


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