The Psychology of a Successful Boss Relationship: Bring Only Good News

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Personality psychology includes a zone of vigorous activity — work, career growth. Each person, in production or in an organization, only if he himself is not a leader, has to be subordinate. It’s good when everything is in order in professional activity and everything suits you – work, salary, team, daily routine, bosses. But, as a rule, this rarely happens. Usually, in some area there are significant disadvantages that you have to put up with.

It happens that you have found the job of your dreams and are ready to work there for the rest of your life, giving it all your strength and getting a decent reward for it. And suddenly you realize that your relationship with management is not going well.

What to do if there is no mutual understanding between you and the boss, and, moreover, there are conflicts? Can communication psychology be helpful in addressing this issue?



But before you start using practical recommendations for changing such a difficult area as your relationship with your boss, think about how much you really need it and are you ready to be flexible enough to change your rules, principles, and established habits in order to save your job? You may have to do this to build relationships with management. If you decide that the game is worth the candle, then you can use further recommendations.

The Psychology of Expectations and Relationships

To understand the psychology of the relationship between you and your boss, it is useful to conduct an internal analysis. Answer the following questions: When did the difficulties arise between you? What caused these changes? What is the reason — some events, your mistakes, someone else’s opinion or the personal warehouse of the leader’s character?

Having understood the reason, it will be easier for you to think over a strategy for further behavior.

It happens that the relationship with the boss does not add up from the first day of work. Moreover, not only you, but also the rest of the team members experience difficulties while communicating with him. In this case, in order to achieve your goal, it is important to adapt to the characteristics of the activities and character of the leader and try to meet his expectations.

The psychology of studying the personality of another person will help you with this. What type of temperament can be attributed to your boss? What is going on in his life? How does he like to spend his free time? What does he do? Analyze this information as far as you know it. This will help to understand the psychology of your leader, to understand what kind of person he is and what approach should be taken towards him.

Next, study the features of his activities and character at work — what does he expect from his subordinates? What is usually praised for? What can piss him off?

With this information, you can build an appropriate strategy for communication and behavior at work. When the psychology of your leader and what he expects from subordinates become clear, it will be easier for you to realize these expectations and establish productive relationships with a higher authority.

Try to be visible

Try to be visible

The psychology of communication and effective interaction with the boss depends on your behavior at work. If you want to achieve recognition and respect, try to be active in work affairs and issues. Participate in seminars, show interest at meetings and organizational gatherings, solve problems of your profile and perform the duties assigned to you by job descriptions with high quality. Successful psychology of relations with the boss depends on the initiative you have shown. Do not miss the opportunity to show yourself as a good specialist in a healthy competition.

The habit of following the rules

Each company and organization has its own rules, compliance with which will give you an assessment from the outside. The opinion of the one who stands above and manages the entire work process depends on how you correspond to them. Try not to ignore and respect non-working moments — for example, raising funds for charity or to a trade union, organizing collective «skewers», joint trips out of town. Follow the accepted dress code — the appearance should be appropriate for the organization in which you work. Watch your hair, clothes, shoes, manicure — everything should give you a businesslike, responsible and serious person.

By following these rules, it will be easier for you to establish yourself as a person close to the company, living in its interests — the psychology of relations with the leader depends on this.

Psychology of communication: bring only good news

An important point that helps to achieve the recognition of the boss from the outside: let him receive only good news when he meets with you. This secret, which is revealed by the psychology of communication, will help the manager, at an unconscious level, consolidate a positive opinion about you.

Psychology of relations with the boss

Psychology of relations with the boss

There are universal recommendations that are important to follow in any position, being subordinate, and in any relationship with the boss — so as not to spoil or improve them.

Rule one. Do not discuss the manager with colleagues at work. This is a very dangerous occupation that can turn against you. Sooner or later, your emotions and discontent can reach the boss, and then it will be very difficult to establish good relationships or rehabilitate old ones. Take a neutral position and try not to evaluate the personality or professional qualities of the leadership, especially out loud.

Rule two. Don’t compare your boss to anyone you’ve worked with before. Do not voice that he should be equal to his other colleagues, and he does not have enough managerial abilities.

Rule three. Do not disturb the leader about trifles and issues that can wait.

Rule four. Know how to correctly justify your position in a dispute, using logic and tact. This builds respect for you.

Rule four. Conscientiously fulfill your duties and do not hang someone else’s work on yourself, otherwise you will have to do it all the time.

Rule five. If you have found a profession to your liking, do everything to make it a matter of your life — treat it with love, invest your strength, time and effort.

The psychology of relations with the leader is a two-way process. But knowing the secrets of effective communication, you can change the situation at work in your favor.


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