There will be no relationship: 15 annoying situations in the behavior of women that repel men

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There are no two identical pairs of men and women in the world, therefore each couple has its own relationship. But there are things that do not like the vast majority of men. Even if they don’t mention it!

1. Talk too much

No matter how educated and interesting you are to your partner, long conversations are tiring. The interlocutor is bored if the topic of conversation is not close to him or does not arouse curiosity.

How many minutes do you talk in a row without interruption? If more than five — it’s time to finish or start building a dialogue.

2. Boredom

Nobody likes going on boring dates where two people don’t know what to say to each other. If you’re not looking to fill the time with something enjoyable and interesting and keep the conversation going, chances are there won’t be a next date.

3. Behave like a victim

3. Behave like a victim

Every person has difficult situations in life. But if the whole life of a potential partner consists of a series of troubles and obstacles, the question arises, are they not exaggerated? Can someone just benefit from being a victim?

Not all men agree to the role of a permanent “savior”. The stronger sex also wants simple cloudless happiness.

Did you know?

Researchers have found that men’s brains are better at «scanning» others and noticing the smallest details. This ability developed in a strong field during evolution, when a man was a hunter and was in charge of prey.

4. Pretend like nothing happened

If a woman did something wrong and regrets it, you need to have a heart-to-heart talk with your partner and apologize. Making a joke out of a situation or pretending nothing happened are bad ideas.

Men, just like women, need honest, trusting relationships, and therefore you should always dot the “and”, and not give a reason to collect grievances.

5. Break away from reality

No one likes to communicate with a partner who thinks somewhere else. If a woman often chats on the phone or during a meeting is more passionate about what is happening on social networks, you are unlikely to want to spend an evening with her.

Men love quality attention and appreciate sincere interest.

6. Make him jealous

6. Make him jealous

In women’s magazines, it is often advised to «strengthen» a relationship to make a man a little jealous. But in reality it backfires. No one likes to feel like one of the contenders for a «hand and heart», especially when the situation is artificially provoked.

Did you know?

There are more “larks” among beautiful ladies than among men. It is vital for women to go to bed earlier and, accordingly, wake up earlier.

7. Force to take a side

In men’s companies, they can also gossip and even weave intrigues. But such leisure is not to everyone’s liking. If a woman constantly tells a man about intrigues between her friends, sooner or later she will get tired of it. And if she forces him to take sides and argue his position, things are very bad.

8. Act like a «man in a skirt»

If a woman begins to command, single-handedly make important decisions, or even use force, a man has no choice but to defend his point of view or come to terms with the situation. Both are equally uncomfortable.

If men have long agreed to equality, then matriarchy is alien to most of them.

9. Excessively show emotions

9. Excessively show emotions

Joyful emotional display of feelings brings partners together, studies show. But the flow of negativism and, moreover, constant tantrums are repulsive. There are also silent games, theatrical exclamations and pauses, sharp mood swings. Do not do it this way!

On a note!

Women are more sensitive to heat and cold, so the manifestation of emotions due to bad weather has a scientific explanation.

10. Don’t give back

Coldness in relationships cools the ardor of even the warmest heart. If a man tries his best to improve a woman’s life, entertain her and make life easier, it is not surprising that he expects the same good attitude in return.

Fighting for the attention of the Snow Queen is boring. I want cozy evenings and homemade dinners.

11. Use harsh language

Even a simple “Leave me alone,” dropped in the heat of a quarrel, hits male pride hard. And it’s also perceived as repulsive.

A woman who uses mat loses her femininity and charm — the most beautiful feminine traits.

12. Be frivolous

12. Be frivolous

Nobody wants to date a person who often cancels dates, is late for important events, promises but does not keep promises. To such a woman, trust is quickly lost, and with it, interest.

It is important for a man to know that a woman is interested in him, that he is as important to her as she is to him.

Did you know?

In one Brazilian study, it was found that women have a higher olfactory ability than men. In other words, women are better at distinguishing scents.

13. Strive to change it

When the two first meet, they only see the good in each other. The hormones of joy and love are responsible for this. But then feelings become more calm and balanced, and people begin to notice what was previously hidden.

The worst thing you can do is try to change your partner. If they relate to something frivolous, some kind of cute «quirk», it is hardly worth being categorical. Everyone wants to be loved the way they are.

14. Control every step

Some people show excessive control over others. And if at first such behavior is flattering and even amusing, on a constant basis it turns out that this greatly interferes with personal life and work. Each person wants to manage his own life, people on the side — even the most beloved ones, are not needed by anyone as a controlling body.

15. Do not give the opportunity to leave

15. Do not give the opportunity to leave

Even if it’s just a trip to the store or a meeting of two friends. Every person is born free. And it is freedom that he values ​​​​above all. For the sake of a loved one, a man is ready to give up her. But not in daily trifles.

Expert comment

Andrey Smirnov, Master of Psychology, practical psychologist

Since all men are different, a variety of female manifestations can repel.

But if you take the average man brought up in traditional values, then most often the desire of a woman to flirt and be liked by other men is repelled. Such men cannot understand that a woman needs compliments and attention like air. And often the longer the relationship, the fewer compliments and the woman has nothing to do but compensate for their lack on the side.

There are many men who are repelled by women’s extravagance, the desire to have a lot of clothes and jewelry. Often a woman tries to lay the cost of this on a man, which causes irritation and rejection in him, since not all men earn good money.

Often men are irritated by a woman’s inability to cook well and take care of the house. Most men believe that a wife should be an excellent housewife, and, in fact, a cook and servant. But times are changing and so is the secular distribution of roles.

In a relationship, men cannot stand it when they are reproached for something, compared with someone, or constantly “take out the brain” with their claims. If you constantly nag your husband that he earns little, does not want to do anything around the house, this causes rejection and discomfort in the man, leads to scandals, and sometimes, against the background of misunderstanding, the man begins to drink.

There are also notorious men who are infuriated by the fact that the wife earns more money and is higher on the social ladder. The outdated concepts that a man is a breadwinner and a wife maintains a home are irrevocably a thing of the past.

But all of the above does not apply to smart, strong and loving men, who, unfortunately, are still in a noticeable minority. If a man truly loves, then nothing will push him away from his beloved, neither flirting, nor even betrayal. If a man is strong and secure, then he does not need a girlfriend of life as a servant and, if a man is smart, he will never choose a woman who repels him.

Expert comment

Olga Romaniv, family psychologist

A modern man can be repulsed by anything — and sometimes it can be mutually exclusive things. For example, the woman’s excessive independence and at the same time her unwillingness to pay the bill for herself on the first date. In any case, a woman risks getting the status of a «mercantile person» with all the ensuing consequences. Therefore, you need to focus not on what may or may not push a man away from you, but on yourself.

Because it is impossible to become equally beautiful for everyone, and ideally you need to look for a man who will adequately perceive you. Any adequate person, whether he is a man or a woman, understands that there are features with which he can put up with, but there are those with which he cannot. And in this context, there is no need to worry that you pushed someone away, because this is one of the ways not to waste your time.

What can you advise a woman interested in a particular man? You need to be able to find a balance: be interested, but not be intrusive; show independence, but at the same time do not forget about femininity; be smart, but sometimes be able to pretend to be stupid. And, of course, we must not forget that if a man has feelings, he will forgive you anything, and if they are not there, then there is no point in analyzing and trying to find out from him why he did not call back and disappeared for a long time.

Expert comment

Tatyana Klishina, psychologist

The most repulsive behavior of a woman that the male world has been facing for several years now is the attitude of a warrior.

Instilled from childhood and adopted on faith from society, the installation programs “the world is dangerous”, “a man must be strong”, “I myself” and the like form a stable stereotype of behavior that is included in most women in a conflict situation.

A woman chooses a way to show how it is to be strong and able to cope with everything.

The problem is that when a man sees male behavior in front of him — an example of strength, at the level of instincts, the ability to take into account the gender of the subject is turned off. And now, standing in front of him is not the woman to whom a moment ago he was sweetly indifferent, but a creature threatening his self.

Do you want protection and help? Are you worried about the future? Ask for support instead of polishing your armor and showing off your sword sharpening skills.

Expert comment

Oleg Dolgitsky, medical psychologist, forensic psychologist

The most beloved woman for a healthy person from the point of view of psychoanalysis is the image of the mother. One of the most difficult experiences in a man’s life can be that for him the image of the mother becomes alienated from her. The worst thing for a man is when a woman ceases to correspond to the ideal in his head, the basis for which is his mother.

That is why if a woman does not want to be rejected, it is important for her to know the image of the mother that is in the head of a man. For him, mother is usually associated with warm memories. Therefore, it is very important to know about the parents of your man, what they were like, what they did and how they lived. Getting into this image, a woman will always be desired.

Expert comment

Anna Baranova, family psychologist

It often happens that a woman repels the man she likes with her behavior. This may be due to the fact that a person finds false information about male-female relationships, which is more related to manipulation or insincere behavior.

When building a romantic relationship, it should be remembered that each person is unique in his own way and there is no single recipe for how to interact with men. However, there are some recommendations about constructive behavior that are universal and suitable at any stage of the relationship.

Common mistakes in women’s behavior:

  • disrespectful attitude

Such a woman does not respect the personal boundaries and freedom of a partner. She is not interested in his life, his opinion.

  • Forever dissatisfied

Such a woman focuses on the negative, her face is always unhappy, all her topics of conversation are complaints about her life and bad circumstances. It is very difficult to tolerate such people. A man needs a muse, not a cloudy cloud.

  • very caring

Such behavior is manifested in an inadequate desire of a woman to take care of a man (you might think a woman communicates with her child, not a man). The woman believes that in this way she shows love, but she belittles the man. A man does not need a second mother, have everything in moderation.

  • Constantly critical

A woman who constantly criticizes a man’s behavior, devalues ​​his work, interests, runs the risk of getting just such a man — who does not need anything.

Expert comment

Eduard Lobastov, psychologist

If your man has become cold to you, does not respond to messages and makes it clear that he does not need you in the same way as before, you may have demonstrated behaviors that repel a man:

Often, guys perceive the sincere interest of girls as a fact of obsession with him. If you constantly write to him how you miss him, asking how he is doing every 5 seconds, then this assertiveness is usually perceived as strange.

  • Comparison with the former

Nobody likes being compared. If, as a reproach, a man hears “But my ex, unlike you …”, the relationship may end on the same day.

  • Excessive compliance

If a man texts you that he wants you to come at 2am and make tea for him, and you fly right away, then don’t be surprised that he will treat you like a servant.

  • Dedication

Do you solve all problems for a man? Always tell him what to do? A man must take responsibility for his own life.

Expert comment

Marina Kalinina, psychologist

Obsession can push a man away. In consultations, I often give an example: imagine, now I get up from my chair, sit next to you close, close and start asking questions. What would you like to do? Move back! Yes, and you will also feel uncomfortable and want to leave as soon as possible.

So it is with men. Relationships should be sufficient, not excessive.

Some distance is needed. Otherwise, it resembles the blocking of oxygen to a person.

Don’t forget to let the relationship breathe!

Expert comment

Peter Galigabarov, psychologist, member of the Association for Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy, fairy tale therapist, art therapist

Different properties of a woman’s personality can repel a man, but I suggest paying attention to exaltation. Maybe you watched the movie «Pokrovsky Gates»? There is a female character there with the phrase: “I am all so sudden, so contradictory all.” Enthusiastic, juicy reactions to various, most insignificant situations, increased arousal — all this can repel. Why?

The world is already unpredictable. Acceptance of uncertainty is difficult for many. If a person wants calm, a semblance of stability, then a partner with constant bursts of emotional reactions is not a companion.

A lot of daydreaming, which is also characteristic of exalted persons, for a particular man is a constant tension. Men are used to solving problems, not just listening to them. Women, on the other hand, often just want to speak out, and exalted ladies do it enthusiastically, imaginatively and often. It’s stressful.


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