Types of stretch ceilings used in the repair of various premises

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Types of stretch ceilings used in the repair of various premises

There are coatings that are increasingly used in private houses and apartments, and other buildings. This is not surprising. After all stretch ceilings Almaty Perfect for a variety of styles and conditions. They, depending on the type, are widely used when carrying out repair work in premises of various purposes.

In any case, the stretch ceiling is a canvas stretched and fixed along the ceiling perimeter. As a result, it is possible to successfully hide all surface imperfections. In addition, the material has moisture resistance, high durability, and many other positive properties. This includes a decent appearance of the cloth and its long service life.

When carrying out repair work in different rooms, stretch ceilings made of PVC film are mainly used. This coating is completely impermeable to water and tightness. This makes it possible to install the panel even in saunas. However, it is not recommended to mount it, for example, in open spaces of balconies. After all, the coating due to the influence of low temperatures can lose its elastic properties. It may even crack.

All stretch ceilings made of vinyl film are installed heated using special equipment. The most common of them are glossy. Such materials are widely used in administrative buildings, restaurants and cafes. They are also often used when carrying out repair work in residential premises. The cloths are anti-allergic and eco-friendly. In addition, they have soundproofing qualities. This allows them to be used, for example, in cinemas. In addition, the panels are not exposed to the harmful effects of mold and fungi. This makes it possible to install coatings even in catering establishments.

If we talk about a matte PVC film panel, then the material visually resembles a whitewashed ceiling. Such a surface does not create glare.

An intermediate variation between a glossy stretch ceiling and a matte one is satin. It has a flat surface. At the same time there is a slightly perceptible gloss.

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If we are talking about a fabric stretch ceiling, then it is allowed to be installed in rooms where there is a sharp temperature drop. The cloth is mounted without heating.

Cleaning from dirt as a result of the operation of the fabric ceiling is only allowed with a dry cloth.


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