Verification and replacement of meters

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Verification and replacement of meters

Saving natural resources in the modern world is becoming increasingly relevant. Water not an exception. The legislation of the Russian Federation, in the sphere of consumption of housing and communal services, obliges organizations and citizens install common house and individual metering devices.
Average service life water meter about 10-12 years old. More expensive models will last a little longer. Each metering device has an inter-calibration interval, after which device continues to count the expense, or requires substitutions.

Checking water meters

cold water — 1 time in 6 years
DHW — 1 time in 4 years

In cases where water meter I failed verification within the prescribed period, then the testimony on it is considered invalid. In this case, accruals for consumed water consider with a multiplying factor of 1.5 from the established standard.
These consumption standards are approved by the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of tariff regulation of utilities.

Verification of water meters is allowed for organizations that have the appropriate license. After verification draw up an act of verification of the water meter, which is transferred to the Criminal Code, or the MFC (depending on the region).
If at verification identified meter malfunctionthen it is subject to replacement. Owner metering deviceis obliged to notify the Criminal Code, and within 30 days to eliminate malfunctionafter the expiration of which, the multiplying coefficient begins to operate.

Arshin company specializes in verification of water meters. If you need to calibrate water meters, or you need to replace a water meter, then contact Arshin by phone +7 (499) 460-63-62. Employees will arrive at any time convenient for you at the specified address. Specialists will carry out all the necessary verification work, replacement of meters, will make all the necessary entries in the passport of the metering device. decorated act of verification, water meter replacement, must be submitted to the Criminal Code. Specialists of the management company, or the resource supply organization of the settlement, must seal up new counter. By law — in the same month in which it was made replacement. After paperwork to replace water meters in UK, new number metering devicewill be displayed in the database of the resource supplying organization and, according to its testimony, they will start making charges for utilities.


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