Weaknesses of a strong woman, or what makes successful women cry?

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“A strong woman is crying at the window,” Russian prima donna Alla Pugacheva sings in the song. It would seem that beautiful, successful, “self-made” women are alien to sentimentality and tears, but a strong woman has weaknesses, as any person has them.

Fear of being alone

The more heights a woman achieves in life, the more afraid of loneliness. Recall the heroine of the famous Soviet film «Moscow does not believe in tears.» A successful, self-confident woman who has made a dizzying career cries at night from loneliness, although everything in her life seems to be safe — she has a daughter, a car, an apartment and even a man for meetings, but with age she understands more and more clearly that she has to meet old age with no one. Why is it hard for strong women to find love? Because they don’t need a man to solve their problems. They successfully cope with them themselves, and it is not so easy to find a congenial person.

Fear of old age

Fear of old age

A strong and successful woman wants to stay “on horseback” as long as possible, but the younger generation is already on its heels, which is more attractive, smarter, more educated and more purposeful than you. It’s hard to «be in the know» on all fronts. You need to constantly expand your horizons, keep abreast of events, follow fashion and beauty trends, and with age it becomes more and more difficult to do this. Old age looming ahead cannot but depress. The woman is trying to turn back the clock, to catch up with the passing youth, which is reflected in her image, frequent visits to the beautician, passion for sports and proper nutrition. Of course, this is all to be welcomed, as long as it does not turn into a mania and an obsession.

Tension and constant self-control

Strong girls who solve a large number of tasks and problems do not know how to relax, and this is fraught with a variety of negative consequences. Someone is looking for an outlet in a bottle, someone gets a pet, grooming and cherishing it as if it were not an animal, but some kind of deity. Only a woman who is strong and accustomed to relying on herself in everything knows that no one can be trusted, she is always on edge, always ready to fight back. It is necessary to look for ways to relieve tension, being in a state of constant stress. In this way, a sport can become, perhaps an extreme one, some kind of hobby.

Rigidity and demands

Has the woman taken on too much? This is often thought of by people from the outside, seeing how demanding she treats her subordinates, loved ones, children and herself. She wants to be the best in everything and always be the first. To some, this may seem like a heavy burden, but a strong woman is sure that there is no other way, otherwise they will be swept away. It’s hard to say whether it’s good or bad to be a perfectionist. Healthy perfectionism has its upsides. Such a person retains great efficiency, he has strong motivation and activity. But there are also disadvantages — this is constant dissatisfaction with the result and fear of failure.

Be weak — never!

Perhaps the most important weakness of a strong woman is that she never allows herself to be such — neither in the eyes of others, nor in her own. This quality for her is a feeling with a “—” sign. Only ordinary women know that their strength is in their weakness, and successful and authoritarian women are truly strong, and it’s not about the muscles. They dominate in relationships with people and it doesn’t matter if it’s a man, parents or children. The last word is always theirs. Good or bad, everyone decides for himself. Someone envies them — beautiful, successful, but the most important thing is to be happy. If a woman is happy, then she is doing everything right.


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