What if the person you love is far away

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What if the person you love is far away

Sometimes it happens that a loved one human long away. Family circumstances, work, waiting for a visa — all this can be a temporary obstacle to the reunion of two people in love. But in any case, acting is better than being longing for separation.
Sometimes passive waiting is exhausting.  You can use this time to your advantage

You will need

  • paper, pen, glue, old magazines, camera, video camera, mobile phone, computer with Internet access.


If the beloved is far away, if he does not return tomorrow and you have some free time, you should use it for the benefit of yourself and your relationship. Often separation is good for love, because if you direct energy in a positive direction, life is filled with new meanings. The main thing is a creative approach to business.
Stay in touch. If your loved one has Internet access, you can send him messages every day. But alas, text messages can get boring, since in fact the text will be one: «I love. I miss. I’m waiting.» You can call on the help of the classics. The most successful quotes on a love theme can be found in Shakespeare’s sonnets, in Pushkin’s poetry, among the romantics. The great ones will express your thoughts most accurately. Alternatively, send photos of places you’ve been to your loved one. Choose the most successful angles and objects for shooting. Don’t send your own photos too often. Moderation in this will help you maintain balance and enhance the joy of meeting.
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Get creative. The energy released by separation from a loved one can be directed in a positive direction: now is the time to start learning a foreign language, sign up for a belly dance, embroider a scarf, or even make repairs. The most important thing is to feel what exactly will help you spend your time usefully and present the result to your lover. Any man will be surprised by a warm cherry pie, a beautiful song with a guitar, or a colorful collage of «Scenes from Our Life» on the wall.
Separation - it's time for culinary experiments
Devote time to family and friends. Now the moment has come in your life when you can remember your friends whom you have been planning to meet for a long time. A visit to your parents, sister or favorite teacher should not be postponed for a long time either. In private, it can be easier to talk heart to heart, play the fool, discuss personal problems that can tire your friend if he is around.
Sometimes you need to talk to your best friend in private
Be alone with yourself. Finally, organize a holiday for yourself: go to a beauty salon, to a concert, take a walk in the forest. And finally, meet your beloved with new strength and old strong feelings!
Treat yourself
Focus on the situation, be creative about your separation, invent your personal traditions and surprises. Surprise!
Useful advice
You can send a letter by mail. A paper message is always a priority: since the Middle Ages, lovers have exchanged messages through pigeon mail, through messengers, etc.

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