What is the best remedy for blockages in sewer pipes

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What is the best remedy for blockages in sewer pipes

Blockage of pipes is a problem that needs to be solved quickly and efficiently. It is better to immediately call specialists, but you can first try to fix it yourself. How to do it?

In this article we will tell you what is the best remedy for blockages in sewer pipes, how to clear blockages in pipes by mechanical and chemical means.


  • Prevention is the best cure for constipation
  • The best pipe cleaner
    • The cable easily copes with difficult blockages
    • Vantuz — the best tool for the combination of price and quality of cleaning
    • Pipe Cleaning Chemicals

Prevention is the best cure for constipation

Preventive measures are used to prevent blockages in the sewer system. They are much easier and cheaper than removing blockages.

We recommend using the following tips:

  • Flush the system regularly with hot water. It is enough to pour a bucket of water heated to a temperature of about 80 degrees 1-2 times a month. This will ensure preventive cleaning of the system from fatty and other deposits.
  • Make a small hook out of the wire and at least once a week get your hair out of the bathroom drain with it. Rest assured, a lot of them accumulate there in a week.
  • Get a special mesh for draining the kitchen sink. It will keep food leftovers. Such a trifle significantly reduces the likelihood of blockages.

But what if there is a blockage in the pipes? More on this below.

The best pipe cleaner

We note right away that there is definitely no best remedy for blockages in pipes. Which method will be most effective depends on the type of clogging, the place of its formation, the structural features of the sewer system and other factors. Let’s consider under what conditions this or that remedy for blockages will be most effective.

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The cable easily copes with difficult blockages

A plumbing cable for cleaning sewers can be described as the best remedy for complex blockages in pipes. With it, you can remove a rag or other foreign object from the sewer. The cable is effective in the fight against fatty plugs and blockages from the hair. And due to the possibility of using different nozzles (there are more than 5 types), this tool can be used to deal with the most difficult blockages (branches, tree roots, frozen building mixtures, etc.).

The only negative is that it is quite difficult to wash the cable after cleaning. You can solve this problem by buying a tool in a protective casing, which is easy to care for.

Vantuz — the best tool for the combination of price and quality of cleaning

One of the most affordable, easy-to-use and effective drain cleaning products is a plunger. It is suitable for various occasions. But still there are limitations on the use of such a tool:

  • It will not be effective if the blockage is severely clogged with lime or other hard deposits.
  • You should not use a plunger if the plumbing fixture is equipped with a siphon with a membrane, because. it may be damaged.
  • The farther the blockage is from the drain through which you work with the plunger, the less effective it is.

You also need to remember that mechanical and pneumatic plungers have approximately the same efficiency. Therefore, it is not necessary to overpay.

Pipe Cleaning Chemicals

In a number of the best means for clearing pipe blockages, you can safely put some special chemical compounds, which are presented in stores in a wide range. The main plus is ease of use (nothing needs to be disassembled — filled in and forgotten). But at the same time, it is important to choose the right product so as not to harm the pipes and ensure that the blockage is eliminated.

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Most sewer cleaning chemicals are alkaline or acid based. The former are suitable for dealing with blockages caused by body fat. The second — to remove traffic jams from the hair, paper residues and other foreign objects.

IMPORTANT. Don’t try to mix acidic and alkaline drain cleaning chemicals to enhance the effect. This can cause the opposite — an aggressive effect on the pipes and damage them.

There is a third category of special products — based on biologically active substances. Their main advantage is the lower «fusion» in comparison with acidic and alkaline compounds.

Chemicals for cleaning sewer pipes are suitable for those who are ready to wait for the effect. They do not work quickly (sometimes for several hours), but quite effectively. The main thing is to thoroughly rinse the system afterwards to remove all remnants of «chemistry» from it.

It can be seen that each of the means has its pros and cons. And it’s difficult to say unequivocally which tool clears blockages in pipes better. All of them work effectively. The choice of the appropriate option is up to you.


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