What is the best way to communicate with people in order to find a common language?

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It’s no secret that communication is a gift, it’s not for nothing that there are people who are able to have an easy and relaxed conversation with anyone, but there are those who are hardly able to keep up a conversation even with acquaintances. But is it possible to acquire this gift on your own, or is it available only to the elite? What is the best way to communicate with people in order to pass for an interesting interlocutor?

Be polite

Politeness is an extremely necessary feature, especially if a person wants to find a common language with the interlocutor, to interest him. No one wants to communicate with a rude person, but a polite person with good manners immediately wins you over. There is an opinion that in Russian culture, polite people cause distrust, are considered carriers of falsehood, but this is far from the case. On the contrary, a polite person is increasingly associated today with good deeds and education. The most important secret and rules of communication with people is not to slip into flattery and fawning if you want to be polite. You can maintain a distance and at the same time demonstrate your disposition towards the interlocutor.


The ability to listen and hear can be useful to someone who wants to learn how to communicate better with people. It’s easy to see if you’re good with this skill if you analyze the conversation with the person after it’s over. How much information did you find out about him? How much did they tell about themselves? Well, if they told as much as they learned. It is bad if you always strive to talk only about yourself and your problems, and are not at all interested in the affairs of others. How to improve communication with people? Hear and listen. Often people themselves are happy to share their experiences with others, but if a person does not want to talk about something, there is no need to insist and “get into the soul”.

Show interest

Show interest

Those who are interested in how to communicate with people should often demonstrate to their interlocutors their sincere disposition towards them. Do not pretend that you are listening to him, yawning with your fist, but show sincere interest, demonstrating this with a pose, look, and gestures. But here it is important not to overdo it with emotions. Shouts, oohs and aahs can engender in the soul of the interlocutor a suspicion of your falsity. Try to feel the mood of the person opposite, be, as they say, on the same wavelength.

Radiate positivity

Surely you have noticed more than once that there are always a lot of interlocutors around positive, joyful people who want to recharge themselves with the energy of happiness. And there is nothing surprising in this. No one wants to communicate with a dull and always dissatisfied person, because empathy involves empathy, immersion in the emotional state of another. As they say, there are enough problems of their own, so people tend to communicate with cheerful and positive people. Try it too. Just start with a smile and you will notice how everything changes.

Expand your horizons

Communication involves the exchange of opinions, impressions, experiences. All this can be acquired if you constantly expand your horizons, read more, and simply be interested in what is happening in the world in order to keep abreast of the latest events. If you are aiming for quality communication with a certain person, find out in advance what he is interested in and prepare for the conversation. Of course, for this it is not at all necessary to become an expert of a narrow profile, but it will not be superfluous to have an idea about the subject.


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