What to do if a guy doesn’t notice you

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What to do if a guy doesn’t notice you

Perhaps, in the life of every girl there was a situation when she liked guy absolutely does not pay attention to her, despite her good looks, awe-filled look and other virtues. There is no universal recipe for how to make a guy fall in love with you, but you should definitely learn the basic principles of attracting attention from a young man.
If he doesn't notice you, don't despair.


First of all, pay attention to your appearance. You must always be neat and tidy. Also, think about it, maybe you dress too discreetly? Believe me, shapeless gray outfits are not the best argument in matters of seduction. Of course, there are situations when you cannot afford to wear anything other than a formal suit, but even in this situation, you can draw attention to yourself by using small accessories.
Use a good perfume. If the young man cannot see you, attack the other senses!
If you and a young man are in common companies, at work, study or parties, try to find out what he is interested in. Sharpen your knowledge on topics that interest him, and one day, when you are in his ear, talk to someone you know about one of these topics. He will surely hear, and, provided that you do not say something stupid, he will certainly respect you. Or at least interested.
Use rigged randomness. There are many of them, and you can easily come up with something of your own. For example, sitting at a lecture at a desk next to this guy, ask a friend sitting on the other side of him to pass you some object, reach for it, while an “accidental” touch will happen between you and the young man, you will touch his hair , he will smell your perfume, that is, he will certainly notice you. Turn on your imagination and come up with your own ways. Do not limit yourself to one time, but also, of course, do not overdo it.
Smile at him every time he looks at you! Do it sincerely, don’t let the smile be one of those smiles you’ve worked out to look like movie beauties. It must be special, one that exists only for him alone. He will feel it.

Attention, only TODAY!

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