What to do if the husband left the family

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What to do if the husband left the family

Statistics show that every second marriage in Russia breaks up, so the likelihood that this will happen to you is very high. If a husband left families, this does not mean at all that it was he who initiated the gap. It is likely that your behavior prompted him to take this step. If there has not yet been a divorce, then there is hope for reconciliation.
What to do if the husband left the family


Think about why this happened. Analyzing the reasons that led to your husband leaving home will help you correct what happened or draw conclusions and try not to make these mistakes again. Sometimes you yourself, with your behavior and words, could provoke his departure. Think about whether he found peace and comfort when he returned home from work. Perhaps he was met by an eternally irritable and capricious wife who could not even prepare food for his arrival. Having married, a man has the right to expect love, affection and a desire to take care of you. If he does not receive this, then such a life ceases to suit him.
Try to give an objective assessment of yourself as a wife. Don’t blame only the man. If you have no complaints about how you performed your part of the duties, then the reason for the break could be that you simply washed down your husband and simply forced him to leave with constant nit-picking. Men also need to be raised like children. Often, due to their employment and peculiarities of psychology, they do not notice those little things, because of which any woman can be very upset. Instead of calmly talking to him and explaining your displeasure, you threw tantrums that simply caused misunderstanding in your husband and he ran away from you, slamming the door.
If all this was just so, then we can please you — nothing is lost yet. Spontaneous departure suggests that he, loving you, is tired of constantly being in a state of confrontation with you. He saw no other way to stop her. It’s not easy to feel always wrong and doubt that you love him. If he still hopes that you are ready for a dialogue and recognition of your own mistakes, he will definitely agree to meet with you and discuss the current situation.
In the event that you love him and want to keep him, then prepare well for this meeting. In no case should it go in the same tone as all your previous quarrels. You should not present your accusations and claims to him — he has heard them many times already. Just tell him about your love and awareness of the mistakes that you made. Try to agree that there should be no resentment and omissions between you, you should discuss together what does not suit you in each other and your joint life. Make concessions to each other — this is a manifestation of love and confirmation of the desire to start all over again.

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