What to do if the husband no longer loves

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What to do if the husband no longer loves

“He took all his things and went to his mother. He said not to wait — he would not return. Love has gone. I can’t look at these empty cabinets! — Inna cries into the phone. “I feel so bad that I want to die.” In marriage, they lived seven quite happy years. At least that’s how it seemed to her. And now it’s all over. How to live on if husband doesn’t love anymore?
What to do if the husband no longer loves


Let’s make it clear right away that husbandand the former husband. There is a fundamental difference between a spouse and an ex. The first is in the present, the second is in the past. It is necessary to draw a line, to divide life into “before” and “after”. Not in the sense that life ended on Black Tuesday, but in the fact that when he left, you began a new round of events and days. The task is to learn to live without it and be happy at the same time, no matter how strange it sounds now. Awareness and understanding will come much later, when you will be able to calmly think about everything and draw conclusions. In the meantime, let it be mechanical enough, but follow the following recommendations.
Remember the old joke: «If husband went to another, it is still unknown who was lucky! In fact, did everything go so smoothly for you? Did you fight all the time? Maybe he cheated on you? Did you earn little? Now is such a period that in no case should you idealize your ex-spouse. Especially since you deserve more.
Drop everything, borrow money if you don’t have any, and go on vacation. It has been proven that two weeks in a five-star hotel on the shores of the warm sea nullify almost all heart dramas. A non-committal holiday romance or at least a sultry flirt is highly recommended.
Upon your return, begin to resolve financial issues, including the division of property. Do not put off the matter indefinitely: now the ex-husbandbut an increased sense of guilt, which you can easily turn into additional square meters and diamonds. Well, if he is naked like a falcon, then there is nothing to cry about at all.
Arrange a solemn burning, or at least the removal to the trash of all the things that remind you of it. And do not spare a comfortable ottoman with a mattress made of buckwheat husks! Understand that right now you can do the business you have been dreaming of for so long: whether it is Spanish courses, reading at night or traveling to clubs. Live for yourself and enjoy every day, regardless of whether you are alone or with someone.

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