When is it better to leave if the relationship has ceased to suit?

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When it comes to understanding that the relationship has become a ballast, the most difficult thing is to decide on changes. The unknown is often scary, so you want to leave everything as it is and not make any drastic decisions. However, it is very important not to deceive yourself. There are several warning signs that indicate that it is time to end a relationship. When is the best time to break up so as not to ruin your life?

It makes you doubt yourself

Constant criticism cannot contribute to motivation and personal growth. If a partner laughs at dreams and goals, condemns all ideas and regularly teaches how to live, it is worth considering whether you really need to connect your life with such a person. Often, criticism, even veiled as advice, is the partner’s desire to assert himself. Making a loved one feel insecure builds up their self-esteem. Such manipulation can lead to serious consequences — destroyed self-esteem and even depression.

Leads to what you don’t like

If you have begun to notice more and more that you are doing something that you do not like to please your partner, it is important to answer honestly to yourself as soon as possible whether you are really ready to live like this all your life. Dissatisfaction, resentment or silent disregard in response to a refusal is manipulation. By indulging in this behavior, you only reinforce that pattern of behavior in your relationship. Analyze your partner’s behavior. If he inclines you to something that you do not like, even after you have refused, and tries in every possible way to achieve his goal, this is a dangerous symptom. You don’t deserve to be treated like this, so it’s best to break up and build a relationship with someone who will respect you.

There are doubts about the sincerity of the partner

There are doubts about the sincerity of the partner

Trust and sincerity are the foundation of a healthy relationship. Constant doubts about the sincerity of a loved one can lead to serious psychological problems. If there is a real reason not to trust, for example, you caught your partner cheating or he is constantly disingenuous, you should think about parting. Without trust, it is impossible to build a harmonious family, and a healthy nervous system is more important than a union that makes you suffer.

He is pathologically jealous

Mild manifestations of jealousy flatter and raise self-esteem. But only until jealousy becomes pathological. If a partner endlessly harasses with his baseless suspicions and makes you make excuses for what you did not do, this is a very disturbing symptom. Pathological jealous people deprive a person of personal space and make him feel constant guilt. The habit of accountability for every step is becoming the norm. If you are not ready to become the property of your chosen one, who is jealous of you, it is better to leave immediately.

You only do what interests him

One form of manipulation is when a couple does only what is interesting to one partner. It starts with the little things and ends with the fundamental questions of a lifetime. Over time, this leads to the fact that you lose the ability to independently plan your life and make decisions. If you regularly give up your own values ​​and plans for the sake of a partner, it is worth considering whether you need such a relationship.

When deciding whether to connect your life with a person, try to assess the situation sensibly. A harmonious family can only be obtained on the basis of healthy relationships, when both partners value and respect each other.

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