Which house is right for you. Which house is better to choose

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Which house is right for you. Which house is better to choose

Regardless of what you need a house for — for a summer residence or as the main housing, you must first decide what you want from your new home in the first place — elegance, unusualness, comfort, the opportunity to relax in nature …
Depending on your tastes and preferences, you need to choose, examining a variety of summer cottages and cottage villages. Buying land and a house on it, or building a house on the purchased land is a very responsible matter, and the next few years of your life will largely depend on it.

To begin with, determine the most general, but specific parameters of your future home — how many floors should it have, how many rooms will you need, do you want to have a veranda or an attic, or both at the same time?
Or maybe you dream of a pool and a sauna? Or about the Russian bath? Ask your friends for advice, you can even visit them in their homes and see how it looks and how convenient it is. But remember that you will live in your house, so your opinion should be the most important thing.

However, you can shift this task to a specialist, explaining to him your expectations in advance. And five of these expectations must first be formulated! Although the services of a specialist will still be needed, even if you buy a ready-made house — when buying a house, someone must evaluate its quality. Buying a house in Vladimir is a very responsible step and you will need specialists..

But this is a topic for another conversation. The same article is intended to acquaint you with the main trends in modern architectural construction, because you will definitely want to invite guests to your house, and it will be very nice to show off a fashionable house (at the same time, it may well be comfortable and convenient for you).

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Which house is best for you

We always adjust our home to our tastes, so many psychologists believe that the appearance of the house is largely a reflection of the character of its owner. And at home they will judge you to some extent.
There are many different offers on the Russian suburban market now, you can buy land for subsequent construction, summer cottages and plots in cottage villages with ready-made houses are for sale. These houses are made in different styles and in order to correctly orientate, it is desirable to have at least some idea of ​​​​these styles. So…

About styles

The most popular among buyers today are country houses and cottages, made in the classical style and the style of the Alpine chalet. Of course, these styles are somewhat adapted to modern realities, but the main features characteristic of these styles have remained.

  • Houses built in the classical style are characterized by clear lines, clear shapes, and a comfortable layout. Such houses are best suited for the concept of «family nest» or «my house is my castle.»
    Such houses, as a rule, look impressive, serious and thorough. They fit well into the landscape. The material for such houses is stone and wood — traditional materials for building houses.
    Today’s classical-style houses are not as ambitious as the houses of the nobility of the 19th century, they most often no longer have columns and stucco, but spacious rooms, arched large windows and natural materials still find a lot of admirers.
  • Some variation of the classic style is the alpine chalet style. The Alpine Chalet is a two-story cottage in which the living quarters are located on the second floor.
    The residential floor of a “real” chalet should be made of wood, and the lower service floor should be made of stone, but modern chalets, as a rule, are built of timber, and the lower floor is only lined with stone. The roof of chalet-style houses is sloping, there is an attic under the roof, it is very desirable to have a veranda, which can be separated from the main room by a glass wall. In the living room, the chalet style is evidenced by a fireplace and interior decoration with natural materials. According to psychologists, the chalet style is best suited for cheerful and friendly people who promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • In addition to these familiar styles, there are also quite exotic, but quickly becoming fashionable.
    For example, the loft style is recognizable by the house, most of all resembling a box with huge windows and high ceilings.
  • Art Nouveau style is distinguished by complex architectural forms, complex layout of the premises and the surrounding landscape.
  • The entertainment house will impress you with an abundance of unusual elements, such as glass floors, winter gardens and waterfalls.
  • And the house in a minimalist style is distinguished by the absence of any decorations in principle and light natural materials.

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I hope our article made you think about which house is better for you to choose.


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