Why is it necessary to sanitize apartments from the Odessa cleaning company «Clean Time»?

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Why is it necessary to sanitize apartments from the Odessa cleaning company «Clean Time»?

Each person loves comfort, and the house is the place where it is fully available to realize this most important factor of everyday life. But one day you woke up, felt an unpleasant itch on your skin and noticed redness, or you came to the kitchen at night and found the “meal” of cockroaches. Unpleasant situations, right? But there is an opportunity to solve this problem once and for all thanks to the service sanitization of apartments from the Odessa cleaning company «Clean Time».

Experienced specialists and powerful equipment will eliminate uninvited guests in a short time, returning the room to a clean and tidy appearance.


  • Why are pests dangerous?
  • Dangerous diseases carried by parasites
  • Professional service or «grandmother’s» methods: what to choose?

Why are pests dangerous?

Let’s remember school history lessons, when the teacher talked about the horrors of the Middle Ages and the spread of the plague in Europe. Rats and mice were called the main carriers of a deadly disease, but modern scientists have questioned this fact and proved that it was the fleas that bit the rodents and the people in whose homes they coexisted that became the leaders of the carriers of the pathogenic infection. Undoubtedly, now parasites do not transport such dangerous microorganisms on themselves, but still there is a danger to humans.

Due to their habitat (garbage cans, warehouses, landfills), rats on their fur can bring a number of troubles to a person’s home. In this case, it is not necessary to enter into close contact — it is enough to inhale animal secretions with air or eat something from the food that the mouse has touched to harm your health.

Dangerous diseases carried by parasites

Yersiniosis or pseudotuberculosis.






Therefore, immediately after the detection of pests, you should contact the specialists — this is the Clean Time cleaning company (Odessa and Odessa region). It is not recommended to engage in the elimination of pathogenic organisms on your own, as there is a risk of poisoning with chemicals if they are used incorrectly.

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Professional service or «grandmother’s» methods: what to choose?

Now you will say: there are a number of folk remedies that really help to cope with parasites. Of course, there are several seemingly adequate recommendations, but in fact all of them do not eliminate the problem, but only mask it or do not bring results at all. It is much better to trust professionals who will eliminate uninvited guests and put things in order in the room.

Cleaners of our company prefer powerful washing machines and highly effective chemicals that do not harm humans and the environment, but at the same time provide an effective method of pest control. Deratization, disinfestation, disinfection and anti-viral treatment — our cleaners will cope with these manipulations 100 percent effectively: see for yourself! Rather, call +38(096)457-07-07 and order cleanliness from regional cleaning leaders.


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