Beautiful and interesting quotes about autumn

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Autumn is a beautiful and wonderful time that gives us the last warm days and paints the world in amazing colors. Autumn is the most diverse season: the autumn months are completely different from each other.

September is warm and beautiful, at this time the leaves turn golden and the world turns into a fairy tale. October is cool and rainy, and many consider it a time of sadness and reflection. Last month November — frosty and cold reminds us of the imminent approach of winter.

How to describe such an outstanding time of the year as autumn? To do this, we have selected beautiful and interesting quotes about autumn.

  • Autumn feels happy! She’s just the prettiest. She’s just real and can’t breathe without rain. How I love you, Autumn!
  • Autumn burst in with crazy winds, heavy rains, cold days, sleepless nights, yellow leaves, strange thoughts…
  • A cold evening of an autumn fairy tale and a drizzling ringing rain on a moonlit night …
  • Autumn is all the colors of a traffic light in one park. Life rushes forward when the park is spring green and slows down when all the colors are lit at the same time.
  • Autumn is a time of change. Like yellow leaves, old, long-forgotten friends are returning to us. Returning only for a moment…
  • Autumn can also be ardent, graceful, in love, stately …
  • Autumn is both the beginning and the end, the time of magic, when real masters paint the world with flowers…
  • Autumn is the triumph of the last beauty of falling asleep nature..
  • Autumn gives back to the earth the leaves that summer has lent to it.
  • In autumn, the air is special, it usually smells of unfulfilled dreams …
  • Tears of autumn on the eyelashes of September …
  • Let the sky frown, all in vain, the rustling leaves of gold are beautiful!
  • Autumn… It always has something from eternity, simple and incomprehensible.
  • In autumn, it is always easy to think, and eternity, forgetting time and space, loses the tension of thought, and something quiet and sad pours into the soul.
  • You stand, inhale the frosty, refreshingly prickly air, and it’s so quiet in your soul … It’s autumn.
  • Such sadness only at this time of the year … Fate does not choose moments in vain. This is how nature dies in autumn — but how beautifully it dies!
  • Autumn is the dreams of leaf fall.
  • It’s easy to be happy in autumn. Warm blanket, hot green tea and favorite music.
  • A marathon of fallen leaves, a rainy season, a cocktail of smoke and thoughts!
  • Autumn begins to decorate the earth with its fragile pieces of weakened gold.


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