Circadian Rhythms: How to Set Your Body Clock

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If you do not follow the day-night cycle, you may encounter circadian rhythm disturbances. But who are they, these rulers of people from within, and how can they be controlled for their own good?

From birth, babies are taught to sleep during the day and stay awake at night. This was invented for a reason, all living beings of the planet adapt to this. Daily cycles accompany a person all his life, filling him with energy at night during rest for active work during the day. The biological clock has a special mechanism, for its discovery the Nobel Prize was awarded in 2017 to neuroscientist Russell Foster.

The circadian rhythm is an endogenous biological rhythm with a period of about 24 hours. The bioregime is needed in order to physiologically adjust the needs and behavior to the nature of the Earth. During daylight hours, it adapts the daily changes of a person to the world around him. Adaptation is important for a comfortable life and takes into account all aspects of life.

An adjusted biological clock allows a person to anticipate changes in his environment and adapt to them in advance without stressful conditions. Disorders of the circadian rhythm are provocateurs of the development of diseases in the areas of the brain responsible for the mental state.

Feeling sleepy and tired at the wrong time is unpleasant, but if you start the regimen, then such symptoms can be a sign of a circadian rhythm disorder, provoking neurogenetic and mental diseases, obesity and diabetes, as well as cardiovascular diseases.

Night shifts are also a violation of the circadian regime, people’s ability to work worsens, metabolic pathways are damaged. One can notice a depressing pattern that the most terrible accidents and incidents occurred at night or in the morning: an accident, an accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

The daily rhythm directly depends on the lifestyle of a person. Stability is a sign of health, and fluctuations are fraught with a deterioration in well-being. For example, an enhanced circadian profile can increase the sensitivity of the myocardium of the nervous system in a person who is not accustomed to intense physical activity. A decrease in the circadian index, on the contrary, improperly regulates myocardial contractions and provokes heart failure.

Sleep is a fundamental part of the circadian system. Rest mode is important for a person who is vulnerable and prone to disorders. During physical rest, the brain performs «dirty» work: it processes information and creates memories, sorts out routine problems and looks for solutions, sends impulses for recovery to the whole body.

Sleep is an effective medicine, time-tested. It is important to approach the process of resting the spirit and body with special attention, understanding the mechanisms and needs of your body. Regular and healthy sleep generates a boost of energy for the whole day and improves the quality of life, protecting against diseases.

In the animal world, everything is quite simple, no one thinks about the cause-and-effect relationships of their actions. Circadian rhythms regulate metabolism in mammals, controlling wake and hunger cycles depending on environmental environmental factors.

The circadian system adjusts metabolism and hormone levels to increase the lifespan of the body. As for people, «owls» because of their predisposition to evening vigorous activity have risks of metabolic disorders, unlike «storks».

Circadian rhythms have power over the body, controlling the processes of nutrition, activity and metabolism. The biological clock sets and determines the duration of life, so it is important to follow the needs and calculate your strength.


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