Finger ring: symbolism and meaning of jewelry

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Since ancient times, rings were considered not just decoration, but a talisman and a symbol of one’s status, marital status. To correctly interpret your unspoken signs and other people, this article will help.

By the location of the jewelry on the hands, you can make a personal portrait and determine the nature of the interlocutor. The fact that he does not want to say, but wants to make it clear, is shown by his hands. For example, a right-hander will wear jewelry on the left side, while a left-hander will wear it the other way around. This is due to banal comfort and convenience, but esotericists interpret it as protection from negative energy.

For many, it will not be a secret that gold is worn on the right, and silver on the left. The yellow metal activates inner strength and adds passion to the wearer’s emotions. Silver jewelry serves to subdue and balance and perfectly complement the left side. Rings are recommended to be worn exclusively on the left hand, so as not to suppress the flow of life resources and not inflame your worst character traits.

A woman wearing jewelry on her little finger is flirtatious and cunning. The ring is located on a smaller finger than the ring finger, which indicates her patriarchal priorities. Such a girl does not think about marriage and treats men with disdain.

The ring finger indicates that the woman is married. Some girls can see two rings at once, but this does not mean that she is a supporter of polyandry. This is a symbol of eternal and strong love, which is enclosed in a wedding and engagement ring. An unmarried girl wears jewelry for comfort and practicality.

If a beauty shows her middle finger with a ring, then she shows her rich inner world. Decoration for her is protection from adversity and failure.

Powerful and arrogant ladies prefer to wear jewelry on the index finger. Rings show firmness in decisions made, and also speak of developed intuition.

The ring on the thumb may indicate that the girl is a representative of the LGBT community and does not want the attention of men. The owners are distinguished by a strong character and express their sexuality through symbolism.

Men who prefer to wear rings on their little fingers may be associated with crime and the mafia. Such a person resembles a burning macho, greedy for female attention and gambling.

The ring on the ring finger is worn by those men who have traditional values ​​in family life. The psychological portrait of a person with a choice of jewelry speaks of energy, creativity and romantic nature.

If a man wears a ring in the middle of his hand, then he has captivating character traits and is ready to take responsibility for the weak. He hides nothing and is persistent in his desires.

For those guys who crave attention from others, you can notice the decoration on the index finger. They gesticulate a lot and vividly express their emotions, and are also clearly focused on their own success.

The thumb is a traditional symbol of the owner’s sexual orientation and speaks of his non-standard preferences. In this place, the ring expresses a creative nature, because since the Middle Ages, artists have preferred to stand out behind the scenes.

Each finger of the hand reveals a special connection of the owner’s potential. It is important to consider and notice the symbolism.

  • The little finger is responsible for communication channels with the outside world, improves eloquence and communication skills;
  • The ring finger harmonizes the unbalanced nature of the wearer, decorates a person in marriage and helps to achieve spiritual balance;
  • The middle finger with a ring speaks of protection from trouble and a mindset to achieve success in your career and personal life. The talisman in this place attracts good luck, helps to develop in the right direction;
  • The ring on the index finger means shyness and indecision of the wearer. However, properly selected metal and stone enhances self-confidence, and keeps quick-tempered people under control;
  • The thumb is the finger of energy and determination. Decoration harmonizes self-esteem and a storm of human emotions.

Beautiful jewelry expresses status, wealth, sexual preferences. The choice of wearing a talisman affects the wearer’s life and can both strengthen and extinguish internal energy.

The worn ring activates the property area for which the finger is responsible, so it is important to know the interpretations and symbolism.


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