From September 1: new rules for payments for housing and communal services

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On September 1, one main holiday is traditionally celebrated — the Day of Knowledge. And for parents, the most important event is going to the school line with their children: the new school year begins.

But these are not all changes. This year, from the first day of autumn, a number of innovations in Russian legislation will come into force.

One of those that concerns literally everyone is the new rules for assigning payments for housing and communal services. This writes «Rossiyskaya Gazeta».

What does this actually mean? A separate payment for waste water will appear in the receipts. Utility bills based on meter readings will be calculated for a specific period, for example, from the 25th to the 25th of the month. Previously, this service was paid for by the maintenance and repair fee. It is noted that the payment for water runoff, which was used for the maintenance of common property, but did not enter the sewer, will not be charged. We are talking about water used for watering flower beds, cleaning the local area, pouring skating rinks and slides.

Recalculation of fees for the past year will be made in the first quarter of the next year, unless otherwise decided at the general meeting of owners.

And the mechanism of «struggle» with problematic neighbors will also be tightened. If the owner does not make the necessary repairs (does not insert broken glass, doors), set up a production workshop in the apartment, the authorities will issue a warning to him. If it does not work, more stringent measures will be taken.


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