Getting ready for the new academic year 2022

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The new school year is approaching. Some guys will go there for the first time, others will have another meeting with classmates and teachers after the summer holidays. Regardless of the age of the student, his parents want him to be properly prepared for classes and at least keep up with his peers. Education today plays a crucial role in the life of society, and it is very risky to let learning take its course.

No matter how sad it may sound for a child, the learning process should continue during the holidays. Of course, proper rest is necessary, and long extra classes will be a serious mistake. But studying in an easy game form is quite capable of turning into interesting entertainment. Moreover, today for lessons you do not need to call a tutor at home. The teacher can fully communicate with the student via video link.

Where can you get ready for school?

In order for the child to prepare at home, a computer with a camera and microphone and Internet access is enough. In principle, a tablet or phone is also suitable if you fix them permanently, but it is more convenient to communicate through a large screen. Consider the features of online learning on the example of some popular online schools.

Skysmart — online school for children and teenagers

Skysmart School is a platform that launched in 2017 with online English lessons. Today, there are already more than 4,700 experienced teachers on the site who are ready to help extracurricularly in the following matters:

  • preschool preparation;
  • basic school subjects;
  • programming;
  • extracurricular circles;
  • preparation for exams.

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Preschoolers are advised to start preparing at least 6 months before September 1st. The child will be taught to read, write, count and concentrate on specific topics. There are separate classes in English and chess. Gradually, the preschooler will get used to the educational format, which is different from the usual kindergarten entertainment. It will definitely not be boring — singing, drawing, funny tests along with funny cartoon characters will help with this. Parents will receive full information about the progress of the child and areas that will have to be further worked on.

The choice of offerings for elementary and high school students is even more impressive. Experienced teachers will help with preparation in mathematics, Russian and English, chemistry, physics, social science, programming. If exams or an olympiad are on the nose, a student can increase his chances by taking a course from a teacher who is well versed in the internal nuances of the process. For those wishing to enroll, a free introductory lesson is available. The methodologist will answer all questions, assess the level of knowledge of the child and offer an individual program.

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Up to 6 bonus lessons for a new student when buying a package of 8 or more lessons. You need to pay for the purchase before passing the introductory lesson.

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August 20 — September 10, 2022

The cost of classes depends on the direction of study and the subject. The minimum package includes 4 lessons. With preschool preparation, one lesson costs from 198.36 rubles, for school subjects — from 253.83 rubles, for the Unified State Examination and OGE — from 990 rubles. The best price is available when ordering the maximum package, which includes 128 lessons. When buying 32 lessons or more, you can apply for an installment plan. Skysmart also periodically holds promotions that provide discounts and gifts for members.

Skyeng — School of English

The Skyeng interactive platform helps with learning and improving English. There are separate programs for adults, but we will talk about them next time. The staff of teachers includes more than 15,000 specialists: from elementary school teachers to university professors. Education is conducted in accordance with the international CEFR standard, which provides for the assessment of knowledge at 6 levels: from Beginner + Elementary (A1) to Proficiency (C2). Upon successful completion, the student will receive a certificate.

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To get started, you can take a free introductory lesson with a methodologist. Based on the results of the interview, the methodologist will determine the current language level and offer a suitable training format. The lessons are based on the communicative method. The tasks in the lessons are structured in such a way that the student talks most of the time allotted for the lesson (50 minutes). For maximum immersion in the language environment, Skyeng School has created a whole ecosystem, including:

  • mobile application for self-study;
  • Talks — 15-minute conversations with native speakers from other countries;
  • conversation clubs;
  • Life online events for interactive communication;
  • free materials on YouTube and Skyeng Magazine

After each lesson, the teacher gives homework — grammar and vocabulary exercises, improving perception skills, writing an essay, etc. The results are checked by an automatic system. After the 8th lesson, the teacher always communicates with parents about the child’s progress. In addition, in the personal account there is a progress widget that displays the level of general development and individual skills.

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Up to 6 bonus lessons as a gift for a new student when buying a package of 8 lessons or more. It applies to individual lessons with a Russian-speaking and English-speaking teacher, a subscription and a Premium plan. You need to pay for the purchase before passing the introductory lesson.

Promotion terms

August 20 — September 10, 2022

The price of the lesson depends on the level of the teacher and the format. Lessons taught by a native speaker cost more — from 1,692 rubles for 50 minutes. Russian-speaking teachers — from 663 rubles. Those who wish to practice on their own get free access to all simulators and materials of the interactive platform. For individual study with a teacher, you need to subscribe or buy a package of lessons Standard (RL teacher), Native (RL teacher) or Premium plan. Each package includes from 4 to 128 lessons: the longer the period, the lower the price of one lesson.

Skyeng regularly holds promotions and issues promotional codes that give you the opportunity to get a discount. All of these special offers are available for free.

Where to find a tutor for a child

For many children, interest in learning increases dramatically as soon as they find contact with the teacher. The level of trust in the teacher plays a huge role, so parents should think about individual lessons with a tutor. The help of a private teacher can be useful if the child does not do well in certain subjects or, on the contrary, wants to improve his knowledge on his favorite topic. The effectiveness of working with a tutor in preparing for final exams or entering a higher educational institution has also been proven long ago.

Foxford — tutors for preschoolers and students in grades 1-11

Foxford Online School was founded in 2009 by several MIPT faculty members. It received its current name 5 years later after merging with the Netology company. The project is a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center. Today, the service offers hundreds of programs for preschoolers and students of different grades. There are enough specialists in the staff of teachers to choose a tutor:

  • to improve school performance;
  • preparation for VPR, USE, OGE, DWI;
  • victory in the school Olympiad;
  • learning programming;
  • improving English and much more.

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The Foxford team of tutors includes teachers from leading universities in the country, compilers of school competitions, members of the USE and OGE commissions. All specialists are required to undergo a qualification test, during which professional training and communication skills are assessed. The selection is quite strict — less than a third of applicants are accepted applications. Hence the effectiveness of education — many school graduates entered Moscow State University, Moscow State Technical University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and other prestigious universities on a budgetary basis.

Classes are conducted through a browser, you can also download a free mobile application for self-training. To gain access to the virtual classroom, it is enough to open a personal account on the site. Communication with the teacher is conducted via video (there is also an audio channel and chat), an interactive whiteboard is used to solve tasks.

In the course of training, the most creative approach is used. When it comes to preschoolers and elementary school students, the game format is predominantly used. The main emphasis is on instilling in the child an interest in learning. To consolidate the material, interactive homework assignments are given. The results are checked by an automatic system that immediately evaluates and analyzes errors.

When choosing a tutor, you need to indicate in which grade the child is studying or the need for preschool education. Then you should choose the purpose of training and the subject. After that, a list of offers of tutors that meet the specified criteria will appear. The price of one lesson is also displayed there. To start cooperation, you need to click «Buy classes» opposite the offer you like. The package may include from 4 to 128 lessons. The more, the lower the price of a single lesson. In addition, for «wholesale» they often give free additional classes.

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15% discount on courses in the new academic year for beginners

10% discount on full payment of the first purchase of EDSH

10% discount when buying lessons with a tutor for beginners

Promotion terms

Until the end of September

At the first meeting, the teacher assesses the current level of preparation of the ward and draws up an individual training program. If the customer does not like something, he can request a replacement, which will be immediately made. The number of substitutions is not limited. The school has a quality department, whose employees necessarily monitor the work of all teachers, and teachers undergo certification and refresher courses.

Foxford School is actively working to make online education services as accessible as possible. Current bonus offers can be found on the «Recommendations and discounts» page. The company also issues free coupons. By activating the code contained inside, you can get a discount or a certain number of classes at the expense of the school.

Choosing clothes and accessories for the student

Preparing for the school year also includes the purchase of things necessary for the school — clothes, stationery, textbooks, mobile devices and various accessories. According to Rosstat, parents spend an average of 19,000 to 24,000 rubles on equipment for a first-grader. In practice, we are usually talking about much larger amounts. However, you can always save money if you approach the process carefully. Tips for parents:

Make a list of what you need immediately after the end of the school year and purchase on schedule. This approach reduces the burden on the budget. Instead of spending a large amount at once, you can break it down into several payments. Plus, there is time to study the maximum of offers and choose the most profitable.

Be sure to consult with your child. Ignoring this point often leads to quarrels and resentment. Of course, a parent can always insist on his own, but why resort to dictatorship if it is enough to ask the child’s opinion before buying?

Follow the special offers of stores. Most sellers constantly hold promotions and distribute promotional codes for discounts. There are always school sales during the last days of summer, but you don’t have to wait until that period. It happens that things offered there at a reduced price can be bought even cheaper at other times.

Sell ​​unwanted school clothes and supplies. Out of many things, the child simply grows up. If they are in good condition, they can be sold on the Internet, having received at least some compensation.

If you don’t want to spend hours studying sites to compare offers and prices, you can buy in a universal online store. This has its advantages. All products are collected in one place. Customers placing orders for large amounts usually receive serious discounts and gifts from the institution. Something like this is the case in the well-known hypermarket of children’s goods

«Obstetrics» — goods for the school with a discount of up to 70%

The online store has been selling children’s products since 2007. This is one of the three largest specialized playgrounds in the country, which has everything a child aged from a few months to 18 years old can need. The assortment of the site includes offers from more than 2500 Russian and foreign brands. The trademark Forest Kids, owned by the company itself, deserves special attention. The choice of school goods in the Obstetrics store is as diverse as possible.

School uniform

Most Russian schools do not have a single uniform standard. Usually limited to recommendations such as «plain» or «black bottom — light top.» Some educational institutions require boys to wear trousers, a shirt and a jacket, and girls must wear classic dresses, blouses and skirts. Other schools do not restrict children in any way, allowing them to come in shorts, jeans, T-shirts and other loose clothing. Depending on the rules, the wardrobe is also determined.

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Since a child needs at least 2-3 pairs of trousers, skirts, shirts, blouses, etc., there is a dilemma — to buy things in bulk or choose different models. The first option often saves money, but variety is preferable. You can also look after a jacket in advance for late autumn and winter.

When buying replacement shoes, it is better to choose Velcro products. They are easier to put on and take off. Too slippery soles are unacceptable, because children at recess are always very active, playing with their peers. When you get acquainted with the offers of school uniforms on the website, you can use filters by limiting the search area.

school supplies

Classes require pens, pencils, notebooks, markers, folders, diaries and other classic stationery. In some schools, the provision of these items is partially covered by the institution, so it is better to check the list on the website or with the class teacher. Books are usually also given out, but maps, atlases, dictionaries and other educational materials have to be bought with your own money.

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When choosing a school bag, you need to proceed from the age of the child. Pupils of elementary grades need a satchel, the wearing of which contributes to the formation of correct posture. The smallest need the lightest possible model. From the age of 12, you can wear a soft backpack or shoulder bag. Here it is already worth entrusting the choice to the child. You can buy a bag, stationery and useful accessories on the website in the «Development and School» section.

Mobile technology

Smartphones, tablets and laptops have long been used by children of middle and senior school age. This technique usually has to be bought without reference to the beginning of the new school year. If the child is still too young, you should consider buying a watch with a GPS tracker.

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The watch is equipped with an SOS button, with which you can instantly send a signal to the parents’ phones. The latter can also track the current location of the child and check the history of his movements. There are models that allow you to make calls and answer them. For the school, you can order a smart watch with the option of a class schedule.

Other offers of the hypermarket

The store has everything a parent might need if they want to buy something for their child. Other popular categories:

  • furniture;
  • strollers;
  • bedding;
  • toys and games;
  • children’s transport;
  • nutrition and care for newborns;
  • hygiene and health;
  • goods for parents, etc.

The website constantly hosts sales and promotions. Discounts on individual items reach 70%. With a discount, you can also buy discounted products, the defect of which is damaged packaging or minor scratches on the case. There is also a loyalty program, whose members receive points for purchases, for writing reviews, in honor of the holidays. These funds can be used to pay for new orders.

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Discount of 500 rubles for the first order from 3500 rubles

Promotion terms

Until the end of September

If there is no discount for the product, you can try to get it using a promotional code. The company issues coupons, the activation of which entitles you to a bonus. Such special offers are distributed free of charge through partner websites.


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