How to deal with change

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How to deal with change

One far from perfect day, you will find out the horrific news — you have been cheated on. You can’t be prepared for this, it’s always like a bolt from the blue. How to live on, how to overcome this burden?
How to deal with change



The first thing that comes to mind for many is revenge. It is believed that this can help to survive the pain of betrayal. Well, some people really do. As a rule, these are either too long relationships at the same stage, where people are looking for development and interest not in each other, but in other people, or initial, not deep relationships, when people did not have time to become attached to each other. Most often, such a way out of the situation will only make you feel no less guilty than the cheating partner.

Break relationships.

The psychology of real family life shows that if a partner cheated once and was forgiven, then he will repeat it again and again. Impunity will certainly bear fruit — a person will know that forgiveness may be difficult for him: he will have to give flowers, repent picturesquely and wring his hands in the agony of despair, but sooner or later it will come. And the next time the partner will deliberately commit betrayal. The motto of many is “Have you been cheated on? Shout «Next!»

Forgive and survive.

Creative outlet. If a partner cheats, there are reasons for this. Usually both are to blame. Perhaps the reason for the betrayal was coldness and lack of attention. “Happiness is when we are understood,” the famous hero Ganzha wrote in his essay. So it is precisely from a lack of understanding that people decide to cheat. Also a lack of trust. “So she sawed and sawed me, suspected, suspected, so I decided — if she still eats me, why shouldn’t I change?” — a frequent male excuse. Indeed, sometimes women are so insecure that they want not only to change, but also to run away from them wherever they look. Surviving change is very difficult. Most likely, you will need the help of a psychologist. Do not hesitate to contact a specialist and «cure» the cause of infidelity, and not its consequences.

Attention, only TODAY!

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