How to find out if a guy has a girlfriend

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How to find out if a guy has a girlfriend

One of the worst horrors of any girl is the betrayal of her beloved. What to do if the seed of doubt is still sown in your soul? The easiest way out, of course, is to ask. However, not every young woman decides to do so. Often this happens when the relationship is not yet very strong, and you are afraid to destroy it with doubts. So, if you have been together for a very short time and suspect that guy there is one more young womanjust take a closer look at it.
Doubts can destroy any relationship.
You will need
  • You will need a little patience, as well as a little logic and observation.


First, check out his social media page. Probably, your opponent will somehow show herself there. Pay special attention to the column «marital status». You should be wary if it says «everything is complicated», «there is young woman«, «married».

Look at the photos located on his page, as well as the posts on the wall. If photographs and records are dominated by only one young womanthen this is a reason to think.

Pay close attention to phone calls and text messages. If during a telephone conversation a young man feels constrained in your presence or even throws off the call, then this is one of the signs of the existence of another girl. Also, you should be wary if the guy conducts a long SMS correspondence without devoting you to its essence.
Get to know his friends. If a young man does not want to represent you to his company, then this is a reason to be upset. Either he does not take you too seriously, or he is afraid of being caught. In addition, another reason for frustration may be the reluctance to visit popular public places with you: cafes, clubs or cinemas. A young man may simply be afraid that one of his acquaintances will see you together.
If a guy is hiding something, then he will definitely show it in sign language. Remember that liars are afraid to make eye contact and also often have sweaty palms. Often they react negatively to your inquiries or immediately try to change the subject.
Another reason for doubt may be irregular spontaneous meetings. If time passes, and you still meet only occasionally or have never planned a joint vacation, then the young man is not entirely honest with you.


All situations are different. So remember, not caught — not a thief. If you still suspect your boyfriend of cheating, then it’s better to talk to him about it directly, and not to cut off your shoulder.

Useful advice

In addition, treason can be suspected if a young man often does not pick up the phone, turns off the phone, periodically disappears and does not get in touch for several days.

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