How to find out what pension «shines» for you and increase it

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How to find out the amount of your pension now

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Remember how disgruntled and rude the postman Pechkin was every time he had to fiddle with someone’s parcels and mail? And no matter what anyone says, but the bike did not make him so kind. But what certainly softened the character of the grumpy old man was his retirement. And if Pechkin knew how to competently accumulate a good amount before retirement, he would become even happier. Understanding how to become the creator of your future together with SberNPFone.

In 2021, the Non-State Pension Fund of Sberbank released a section on pensions in the SberBank Online application. That’s right: now you don’t need to run around all the instances, trying to figure out if you have enough money to adequately meet old age or urgently rent out property (if any), cut monthly spending on coffee and sweets, or immediately move to the village in trying to feed themselves by manual labor.

By the way, the idea of ​​taking care of a comfortable old age at the state level is far from new. In the 80s of the last century, in a beautiful sunny country called Chile, they already began to carry out a pension reform, the essence of which was to invest 10% of the salary every month in working age in specially created accumulative pension funds. The reform not only successfully fit into the state economic policy, but also received public approval, thanks to which Chileans got the opportunity to independently control the size of their future pension.

So SberNPF transfers foreign experience to Russian soil using the SberBank Online mobile application. Today, SberBank Online is the only mobile platform in Russia that provides information on pension accruals in a simple and accessible form. At the moment, more than 30 million users have already familiarized themselves with this feature. The application service allows you to calculate the future pension payment from the state, calculated for today, find out the amount of the funded pension, start transferring part of the funds “for the future” in a timely manner, and much more. In fact, this application is aimed at young working people much more than it might seem at first glance.

It is easy to use this helpful service. You need to go to SberBank Online, find the «Pensions» section (for example, using the search), the «Pension and SberNPF services» tab and agree to the processing of personal data from your account on the «Gosuslug» portal. The information will be processed in just a couple of minutes, after which all information about the pension will appear on the screen.

First of all, this service will show you what kind of pension you can expect with a specific length of service and the number of accumulated pension points, taking into account the fixed annual payment. This is the so-called insurance pension, which you will receive every month after reaching the retirement age, which is 60 and 65 years for women and men, respectively. All information in the application is presented in an accessible form, so you will definitely not have problems with orienting in the digital stream.

Still, you can’t shake the feeling that there’s too much going on, can you? But SberNPF itself is well aware of this, so it came up with another very useful invention — the IPP, better known as an individual pension plan. This is a tool that allows you to form a pension of the desired size through self-contributions and investment income from NPF Sberbank. A calculator makes it individual, in which, by means of simple combinations, you can calculate the size of a non-state pension. It is the non-state pension that can be a good addition to your insurance and funded pensions. To calculate your future non-state pension, you just need to enter the amount of monthly contributions and an initial contribution, the minimum for which is 2000 rubles. Let’s look at an example:

This is Vladimir and he is 30 years old. He decided to take care of a comfortable future in time and began to save 1,800 rubles every month, which allowed him to increase his future pension by more than 10,000 rubles.

And this is Alexandra and she is already 47. Retirement is just around the corner, and she is just starting to think about how to save money. The result is obvious — with the same down payment as Vladimir, she will have to save at least 15,000 a month in order to increase her pension from the state by 10,000 rubles.

But do not think that by agreeing to the IPP, you are signing an agreement with the dark forces — no one will pull the last money out of your account. There are no payment obligations, it all depends on you and your ability to manage your money. In addition, drawing up an individual pension plan has a number of advantages: for example, you can receive a tax deduction for IPP. The PPI allows women to receive pension payments at 55 and men at 60. Therefore, in the IPP calculator, the amount is calculated according to the old indicators of the retirement age.

It is also worth noting that it is quite difficult to withdraw money already deposited from this financial instrument. This allows you to save the amount from impulsive purchases — this is how you start the refund procedure and you will regret thrice that you saw this stupid electric scooter in an advertisement. So, if you are trying to withdraw the invested amount less than 2 years after the deposit, then only 80% of the amount will be returned to you. The full amount of the deposit can be returned only after two years, and if you wait another 5 or even 10 years, then in addition to this you will be entitled to 80 and 100% of the investment income, respectively. But at the same time, you will lose those very savings when you need them most — after retirement. Agree, sometimes it’s better not to rush.

From all this, one conclusion can be drawn — it is necessary to prepare for retirement from childhood. Or at least from a young age, in order to secure a comfortable financial well-being by the period after the end of a career.

  • one In accordance with the Federal Law, information for review before concluding an asset management agreement, subject to disclosure, is presented on the official website of JSC «NPF Sberbank»


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