How to find out your nationality

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How to find out your nationality

National pride, national identity, national culture and national language. All these are beautiful words, but it is sad for those who do not know their nationality. In the tips below, you may find some help and find out what is closer to you: lezginka or hava nagila.
How to find out your nationality


Chat with your father. As most people know nationality passed down from father to son. And if you are a half-breed, for example, your father is Russian and your mother is Tatar, then you can safely consider yourself Russian. Ask your father about his background, if you can. What is his nationalitysuch is yours, with rare exceptions
Chat with your mother. It’s just about the exception. If your mother is Jewish, then you are also a Jew, despite nationality father, whatever it may be. So if this is the case, then you can apply for Israeli citizenship, but keep in mind that you will have to serve in the army if you are of military age. Even girls.
Analyze your last name. If it is not possible to communicate with parents, or if they themselves do not know exactly their nationality, then try to conduct an analytical work. Drop the ending -ov -ev -in. They only symbolize that the surname was given in Russia, or Russified. Now analyze the rest of the word. If it denotes a Russian word, or a Russian name, for example, a blacksmith, sidor, or fedot, then you can consider yourself Russian, or at least a Slav. If your last name ends in -enko, chuk, then most likely you are Ukrainian. Or your last name is an indeclinable Russian / Slavic word, then you can also safely consider yourself a descendant of Gogol.
If the ending is -ich, then you are probably Belarusian, provided that the rest of the surname is completely Slavic. If –sky is a Pole, -ek, -ok is a Czech. If your last name is based on a Turkic word, then you are probably a Tatar or a Bashkir.

If at the base of your last name is a Finno-Ugric word, then you can attribute yourself to Mordovians, Maris or Udmurts. For example, the surname Nikulin.

Look in the mirror. You can also look at the photos of the ancestors. If you are a blue-eyed blond, then you may be a Scandinavian (but this is doubtful) or a representative of the Finno-Ugric peoples of Russia, most likely a Mordvin (which is more likely).
Blonde hair and gray, green, blue, or even brown eyes will most likely say that you are a Slav.
Dark hair, an aquiline nose, big eyes and thick eyebrows will say that you belong to the peoples of the Caucasus. If your nose is wide, then you may be Armenian. Curly dark hair, aquiline nose, pointed and backward-pointing ears indicate that you are related to Jews. In any case, whoever you are, all nations are beautiful and equal to each other .

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