How to hit on a man

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How to hit on a man

This question often causes smiles and even laughter, both in women and men. And the attitude towards female harassment is different for everyone. Of course, if the lady begins to hang herself around the neck of a stranger or even a friend man, that’s overkill. But competently and unobtrusively show manthat he is interesting to you, you need to be able to. In addition, many men are very passive and insecure, and are waiting for your first signal.
How to hit on a man
You will need
  • Courage, resourcefulness, fantasy, charm.


Funny question. It can be any non-standard question or remark. For example: “Where is the nofelet” (everyone remembers this comedy), a non-standard remark — “You pushed me. Ah, it wasn’t you, so sorry (laughs)”, prank — “Misha, how glad I am to see you. Are you Misha? But I’m still very happy (laughs).» And so on. The funnier, the faster he will understand what’s going on. If a man is normal, and he likes you, then after that he will begin to act. You will still fight back.
Turn on your fantasy. You can lean against him on the subway during rush hour and tie your hair discreetly to the button on his jacket. As long as you «unravel» this situation, everything will work out by itself.
Operation Skillful Hands. Ask your object of harassment to help — fix, repair. Better something not very significant. If you are at home — after work, invite him to the table, put a bottle of wine. Word for word. Everything will go by itself. If at work, offer coffee as a token of gratitude.
Include body language — be relaxed and free. Smile, look, shake your head. The shoe falls off the foot. Remember the classic: «look into the corner, at the nose, at the object.»
body language


If your hints do not hit the target, then you are wrong on the target. A man may absolutely not like you (and this happens), or he does not like all women at all.

Useful advice

When pestering a man, do it easily and unobtrusively. A man should feel the excitement of the game. Having awakened his interest, disappear, slip away. Be elusive. Let him hunt for you. This is his basic instinct.

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