How to know if you are getting married or not

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How to know if you are getting married or not

Procreation and creation of a family is one of the most important female instincts. By the age of 25-30, it reaches its peak. At this age, most women see every suitor as a potential groom and future husband. Girls who were brought up in complete families and represent family relationships from the inside often instinctively choose the right candidates, but for women who did not know father’s love in childhood, it is much more difficult. Often they cannot distinguish a good family man from a guy for one evening. How to determine how serious your partner is?
How to know if you are getting married or not
You will need
  • Look carefully and listen to him. Everything you need, he will tell you.


Notice how the young man describes his future. Does it include you there? Is your partner planning a vacation or outdoor weekend together next month? If yes, then this is a sure sign that he wants a stable relationship.
Another good sign is that a young man often tells you about the desire to have a family and children, devotes you to plans for a future life.
The woman that a man wants to see next to him will certainly be introduced to his friends and relatives. In addition, he will try to find out as much as possible about your family and social circle. If a young man is really interested, then he will definitely remember the names of his girlfriend’s best friends, the main solemn dates, as well as his favorite places for walking.
The third sign of serious intentions is the desire to help in various troubles in life. If a guy takes responsibility for you, supports you in every possible way, monitors mood changes and desires, then he really wants to be with you.


If a man writes and calls throughout the day, sometimes even for no reason, actively participates in your life, then he really wants to become a part of it.

Useful advice

It’s good if the guy is interested in whether the time and place of the meeting is right for you, and also warns in advance about dates and joint weekends. This means that he respects your opinion.

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