How to learn to love a person

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How to learn to love a person

Everyone knows what to make love human impossible — but many people do not know what the art of love and harmonious relationships is, and dream of learning this art. So you can learn to love humanby investing in a relationship a certain amount of time, effort and your own internal resources. You can create the love of your dreams yourself if you do not wait for it, doing nothing, but start acting and making your desires come true.
How to learn to love a person


In order to learn to love, you need to have patience, perseverance and a willingness to constantly move forward. If you want to create truly harmonious relationships, learn to appreciate human around you — do not treat it as a function, and do not exploit it.
Try to become necessary to your partner — be attentive to his wishes, thoughts and feelings, and in return the partner will be attentive to your feelings. Be interested in the inner world of your partner — this will reduce misunderstanding and increase the degree of your mutual trust.
Be sincere and open — only by opening up to another person, you can see mutual openness and some feelings on his part.
Learn to selflessly give your loved one your feelings, and accept in return what he gives you. If you remember this constantly, the relationship will constantly revive, and you will notice that love does not fade, and negative emotions between you become less and less.
Do not think only about yourself — take care not only of your own interests, but also of the interests of your partner. Help him, be interested in his affairs and problems, take care. Share your thoughts and ideas with a person, and he will meet you halfway, showing more and more trust.
Learn to reasonably approach the solution of problems that arise between you — in case of quarrels and conflicts, take the first step towards reconciliation, try to understand the causes of disagreements and eliminate them in a joint discussion.
Find those traits that unite you, not divide you — you will notice that there are many more of these traits, and that you are really drawn to each other. This approach creates mutual understanding in relationships.
Remember that the person around you always remains a mystery — discover new traits of his character, try to look at your partner in a new way, be surprised and rejoice at the changes that take place in him, and therefore in yourself.
Love should inspire you, and this is possible only when you constantly experience something new and unusual, and only when you mutually support each other’s individuality.


How to learn to love? By obedience to the truth through the Spirit, having cleansed your souls to unfeigned brotherly love, constantly love one another from a pure heart. You don’t have to give in to your feelings. You must force yourself to be kind to those who do not like you. We must love every person, seeing in him the image of God, despite his vices. You can’t keep people away from you with coldness.

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In all traditional religions, there are commandments and instructions about the need to love other people as yourself. In Buddhism, every person has Buddha nature, and to love all people means to love the world, for enlightenment, for the Buddha himself. Repeating it regularly will help you see how similar we are to the people we love and to those for whom we still have negative feelings.

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