How to make a guy confess his love

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How to make a guy confess his love

Love is the most beautiful feeling, especially when it is mutual. All girls want to hear from their guy words about love. A common situation is when he loves, but is afraid to admit it. So sometimes guy should be encouraged to speak frankly.
How to make a guy confess his love
You will need
  • Conversation, creating a relaxed romantic atmosphere.


Of course it all depends on the character. guy. Most often, women want to hear about love at a time when they are very ill or hard. You should start a conversation, and lead it in the direction that the guy understands that it’s time for him to «open the cards.» You shouldn’t force him to confess. If the young man does not want to confess love, then he will definitely make it clear, diligently avoiding a conversation. In this case, you can not continue to put pressure on guy. He can be afraid of this pressure and close in himself.
Many men are afraid of losing their independence and freedom. In this case, it is important to let him know that you do not claim his personal time. After all, there is nothing wrong if people show their feelings and admit to love. Maybe the guy is afraid to say love due to the fact that in childhood he observed the relationship of parents who in every possible way hid their feelings. There are families in which parents do not show their love, restrain themselves. Therefore, such people need to find a softer approach.
If a man is timid, in this case you will have to confess love first. It is not necessary to say it in person, you can open it by phone or in writing.
The most important thing to pay attention to is the behavior guy. If during a conversation he has aggression, then it is worth considering whether it is necessary to build a relationship with such a person. Maybe not fate?

Useful advice

To push a guy to a declaration of love, you need to gently let him know that you care about him. It is necessary to behave in such a way that it is easy and comfortable for him to pronounce such important words for a woman.

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