How to support a friend

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How to support a friend

Support is not to listen once to a person about how bad he is, and not to give up the standard “don’t worry, everything will be fine!”. To support means to be a friend, a reliable support for a loved one. All this should be felt constantly and expressed in different ways.
How to support a friend


Always be respectful of the feelings of your loved ones. If you see that they are feeling frustrated, there is a feeling of loss, let them know that you are ready to help and listen at any moment. The main thing is to listen carefully to what a loved one says to you. If he wants to speak out specifically to you, then he has confidence, and you need to respect this. Having expressed everything that is in his soul, it will become much easier for him, and you are pleased that you were able to support him.
Also, small gifts can serve as support not on occasion, but just like that. A pleasant surprise will always let your friend know that he is special.
Remember to compliment the person in front of others. Nothing will support better than pleasant words addressed to him in the presence of people.
If your friend difficult moment in life, try to distract him, switch his attention to positive things. Sitting at home and mourning is not the best method. You can go to the movies for an interesting comedy, have a party or go with old friends somewhere to relax.
Understand the most important thing — to understand a person, to sympathize and support — this is not wiping tears with a handkerchief, but an active position to improve the situation. Friends will always come to the rescue in difficult times. If this is not difficult for you and is always pleasant, then you are a great friend who you can rely on and rely on. Do not forget — true friendship consists not only of the ability to experience and sympathize, but also wholeheartedly rejoice for friendas for himself. Friendship is a human feeling, consisting of mutual understanding and the joy of communication.
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