How to take the children to the father

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How to take the children to the father

In Russia, in most cases, the initiator of a divorce is a woman. Children usually stay with their mother. The law does not prohibit taking children father and educate them on their own, to do this you need a court decision. In court, evidence must be presented that it would be better for children to live with their father, and not with their mother. The material wealth of the father is not a decisive factor for the transfer to him for upbringing children. More compelling reasons are needed.
How to take the children to the father
You will need
  • -the passport
  • — your reference from the place of work
  • — your characteristic from the place of residence
  • — salary statement
  • — petition of guardianship and guardianship authorities
  • — an act of the housing commission that examined your living space
  • -statement
  • -characteristic from the wife’s place of work
  • -characteristics from the place of residence of the wife
  • — an act of the housing commission that examined the wife’s living space
  • — a certificate from a narcologist or psychiatrist (depending on the situation)
  • — additional documents may be required


If the mother is a drug addict, an alcoholic, is not involved in the upbringing and maintenance childrenbut leads a cheerful wild life, then children they are given for upbringing in children’s institutions, the mother is deprived of parental rights. And only in isolated cases, fathers are interested in children and are ready to take them into upbringing. If you’re one of those units to pick up children you need to apply to the court. In the statement of claim, indicate what you want to educate children and submit documents proving the possibility of transfer children from your mother.
At the same time, write an application to the guardianship and guardianship authorities to examine your conditions and submit a petition for transfer to the court children.
Get a job description.
From the place of residence, the characterization must be written by the district police officer and signed by the neighbors.
You will need proof of your income.
Call the housing commission to survey your living conditions for education children.
The same documents must be submitted to the wife. If the wife suffers from alcoholism or drug addiction, does not take care of children and there is a question of depriving her of parental rights, a certificate from a narcologist will be sufficient evidence for the court.
Desire is taken into account childrenif they already understand enough to express their desires.
If the court, based on the evidence base and your documents, decides that children should be raised by a father, then you can pick up children yourself.

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