How to understand change

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How to understand change

Women are monogamous by nature, and understand treason men they can with great difficulty. This is a deep wound that does not heal to the end, and even after 10 years it will respond with acute pain in them. But, experienced women say, and family psychologists agree with them, that betrayal is not a reason for parting. Especially not a reason for divorce. But how to understand the traitor whom you believed, whom you loved, and he reciprocated, and then easily and brazenly destroyed everything that was best between you.
How to understand change
You will need
  • Patience, endurance, love for your man.


You learned about the change. There is a blank space in my head. Most importantly, try to think rationally. Don’t hold onto this shock. Of course, you can’t tell this to anyone. Even the closest friend does not want to. Then write all your thoughts on paper. Psychologists say it helps a lot with stress.
Unleash your emotions. Holding them back is as harmful as thoughts. This does not mean at all that it is necessary to attack your «traitor» with fists. Just let off steam. A Russian person will always find a way to do it.
Now you are ready for constructive solutions. Situations are different. Sometimes a woman has to continue to pretend that everything is in order. In any case, you have time to understand yourself and what happened. If you really love a person and do not want to end the relationship, you will have to understand and accept him. treason. We are all just people with our weaknesses.
Try to understand the reasons for the betrayal of your man. Perhaps this is your fault too.
Strong love. It happens. I just fell in love out of nowhere with another girl. And he cannot understand where he should move — to her, like a dream, or to you, a quiet and safe haven. Syndrome of habit. Long life together, dulling of all feelings, desire for new sensations.

The classic reason was that he was very drunk and did not think well. You can understand. Try to drink yourself to insensibility. Very loving. And you knew about it from the very beginning. So what do you want from him. Loyalty to the grave?
I did it out of spite to get back at you. So there was a reason. He took a mistress, because everyone around him does it. But you have to match.

The main thing that prevents a woman from taking a hit is the wrong upbringing. Many are taught from childhood that physical fidelity is the most important thing in marriage. But sex is only physiology. Here the men are very weak. It is much more dangerous if they love another woman with all their heart.


To understand betrayal does not mean to forgive. Don’t give up quickly. The man will decide that you can continue to change, since you forgave so quickly. Your forgiveness should be a long-awaited reward for him.

Useful advice

If a man thinks that you are in complete ignorance, do not show your cards. Better try to make sure that he leaves his love on the side. Then, when you are confident in him, you can show him «the sky in diamonds.»

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