How to understand his behavior

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How to understand his behavior

There is an opinion that men and women are creatures from different planets and will never understand each other. But they also say that we all, regardless of gender, ultimately want the same thing. Let’s analyze the most common cases of incomprehensible male behavior.
How to understand his behavior


He went to another Masha liked Petya very much. He was an excellent man in every respect, endowed with only one drawback — his wife. And, of course, she was a rare vixen for Masha’s taste: she constantly sawed the beautiful Petya, did not give him any sleep or rest, forced him to work and bring a mammoth to the house and ironed his shirts completely ugly. Masha began to take Petya by storm: bring him pies, for which his wife did not have enough time to cook, give him gifts, help with work, drink beer on Fridays. Petya was very pleased. In order to be loved, he did not have to be a prince, it was enough to «stand here and radiate sexuality.» However, after a month of such a relaxed life, Petya announced that he loved his vixen wife and returned to her.
Conclusion: No matter how trite it sounds, but still, a male hunter, and not a pampered domestic cat. He needs an incentive for the extraction of a mammoth and a tone in life. Don’t spoil a man too much.
He doesn’t call Masha met Petya at the club. They exchanged phone numbers, danced, drank. Petya honestly promised to call tomorrow. In the bright tomorrow, there was no call from Petya. Like the day after tomorrow. Masha was worried, feeling like a “wrong” woman, shed tears (Petya really liked her). The hero called only a week later, said that he worked hard. In fact, Petya was very generous at the club. He really liked Masha, and with all the cocktails and night trips around the city, he wanted to impress her. In the morning Petya opened his wallet and found nothing there. He counted nothing and realized that there was still a week before the advance payment. And he is a knight and cannot appear on a date with the beautiful Masha without money at all, so he waited.
Conclusion: Put yourself in the place of a man. Think about why you might not call. Rate yourself — so beautiful, well, how can you not like it? Apparently, something happened.
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He does not give flowers and gifts Masha has been living with Petya for a whole month. Petya, in addition to standard male flaws, such as nose hair, a small salary and socks in all corners, has one more bad feature. Petya doesn’t bring flowers home. None. Not a million scarlet roses, not a sluggish gladiolus. And Masha their passion as you want. Beautiful, red, and so that throughout the house, so as not to go straight through. Once at the dawn of their relationship, when they lived together not for a whole month, but only for a week, Masha really wanted to seem special. And special women, unlike others, do not like flowers, Masha decided, and that is exactly what Petya answered, who was trying to differentiate the brand of flora with which he was going to please his beloved woman. Since then, Petya decided to give Masha chocolates. Masha always loved chocolates and never refused them. After all, all women love chocolates. Conclusion: A man can be misinformed by you personally or by someone from your inner circle. Or just not guess that you want something, and maybe you can’t live without it. The easiest way to clear up a misunderstanding is to just talk.
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He is gloomy as a thundercloud Petya has been coming home gloomier than a cloud for three evenings in a row. Burknet at the entrance: “Hi, yes, I will have borscht,” and run to the TV. You can’t lure him with sex, you can’t touch him with meatballs, you can’t melt his heart with football. And to all «how are you?» just shrug it off. “I fell out of love, how to give a drink — I fell out of love!” — Masha stated and was offended. In fact, a week ago, Petya received a terrible reprimand from the management at work. And it doesn’t seem like a bad worker. It’s just that management got up on the wrong foot. And Petya said at home in his hearts: “I’ll quit, I’m tired!” And he received a second reprimand from Masha — it is not her royal business to form the family budget. So Petka closed up, because only the TV and the cat understand him.

Conclusion: Not only we have PMS. Men can also be extremely depressed. The question of self-realization and earnings will always be in the first place for a knight. Therefore, before demanding a fur coat, try to understand what is happening, men need support.

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Tip 2: How to recognize people by their behavior

Human behavior is a complex psychophysiological act. Human actions can depend on two components. The first is one’s own personality traits, formed in the course of a person’s life. The second is the influence of the momentary situation, which leaves a peculiar imprint on the personality traits. Human behavior can be conditionally represented as a set of words spoken with a certain intonation, gestures, facial expressions and general motor activity. By learning to read these «symbols», you can understand who you are dealing with.
How to recognize people by their behavior


Pay attention to words and intonation. Of all the components of human behavior, they are the most obvious and intuitively perceived by the interlocutor. However, despite their apparent simplicity, these components of behavior are the most insidious. Very often, what is said does not correspond to what a person really feels.
Study the facial expression of your interlocutor. There are many nuances of facial expressions that allow you to determine the mood of a person. Raised eyebrows are an expression of surprise, and their sharp reduction speaks of aggressiveness, tension, thoughtfulness. Facial asymmetry often indicates skepticism, doubt, and in some cases expresses mockery of the interlocutor.
See how the other person is looking at you. Avoidance of eye contact may indicate embarrassment, shyness, or awkwardness felt by a person when talking about this topic. On the contrary, excessively long eye contact indicates possible anger, aggression, or an attempt to use psychological protection. People tend to look into the eyes of the interlocutor when they listen to him, and not when they themselves speak. If a person tries not to look at you at all, it is possible that he is hiding something.
Watch your hands. Open hands indicate trust and openness between interlocutors. On the contrary, crossed arms or legs, fingers clasped in a castle — an attempt to defend themselves, a closed position. Arms crossed on the chest is a strong position, emphasizing the steadfastness of a person’s opinion. Remember, it is this gesture that teenagers choose when they listen to the moralizing of their elders.
Take a look at the walk. A person who walks quickly and at the same time gesticulates with his hands has a clear goal and feels enough strength in himself to realize it. If a person keeps his hands in his pockets, even when it is warm outside, he is secretive and likes to suppress others. An unbuttoned jacket speaks of openness and complete trust. The position of the hands when walking on the hips will indicate a person prone to impulsive actions. The shuffling gait is an expression of uncertainty and confusion.
Human posture. You should not perceive the interlocutor as a collection of individual elements of facial expressions, take a closer look at how pronounced the correspondence of individual gestures to each other and the general position of the interlocutor’s body as a whole. For example, locked hands and a leg thrown back on the leg indicate a critical attitude of the subject to what is happening. Flirting poses are also easily recognizable — for men, these are widely spaced legs in a standing position, index fingers tucked behind a belt. In women, this is a hand lying on a leg, a gracefully arched back.


In order to make a complete judgment about the character of a person, a single observation is not enough. It is necessary to closely monitor him in different situations in order to conduct a more detailed analysis of his personality traits.
A person’s gestures can tell about his intentions, his inner mental state. The correct interpretation of the observed phenomena allows you to avoid mistakes and disappointment in the interlocutor.

Useful advice

When starting to interpret the behavior of the interlocutor, remember that many gestures are fundamentally different for men and women. So, a handshake for men is an expression of trust, the possibility of finding a joint solution, for women it is an attempt to apply protection. Hands pressed to the chest are a striking gesture of openness in men and an expression of confusion and fear in women.

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