How to win her favor

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How to win her favor

If you managed to meet and start a conversation with a girl, then you need to win her right away location. The first moments of acquaintance are the most important, the further development of events depends on them. If you do not make a good impression and win over the girl, your first meeting may well be your last. Try to please her right away, but for this you need to try a little.
How to win her favor


First of all, the appearance. If you are wearing untidy clothes, dirty shoes, you have unwashed hair and a black border under your nails, then you will have much less chances. If you are still in this form, then you should immediately apologize for it and explain the reason for your appearance in it — returning from the dacha, a multi-day hike. Think of something romantic and associated with a courageous act. But do not fantasize too much so that you can turn it into a joke later.
Never try to impress a girl by pretending to be someone other than who you really are. Women are subtle psychologists and very observant. Telling her that you are a successful top manager in a well-known company and using a cheap mobile phone at the same time, you will be exposed instantly, and the loss of trust can be fatal for you.
Tell the girl about yourself, about your hobbies, about who you work for, what you do at work and in your free time. But in order to interest her, you actually have to be an interesting person. If you tell her that after work you run home to your parents’ apartment to play online games all evening, then it is unlikely that she will be imbued with locationm to you, unless she herself is a fan of such a pastime.
Do not forget to note in the conversation that you are not one of those who pester and get acquainted with all the girls you like, note her distinctive features that you could not resist and that made an indelible impression on you. Compliment her appearance and dressing skills, but do not overdo it — note those features that really take place. Use your sense of humor, if you manage to make her smile, then this is a sure sign that she already likes you.
In a conversation, find out the topics that are most interesting to her and try to stick to them, giving her the opportunity to speak. Listening, at the same time, you will learn more about her and about some of her character traits, understand her interests. Using this knowledge, you will be able to consolidate your success at the next meeting.

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