In order not to follow and not listen: the expert told how to “deceive” a smartphone

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Modern smartphones are a real find for a spy. Devices not only monitor the owners, but also transmit data about them to the developers of the gadget, operating systems and applications. And, they do it all the time.

As Igor Mikhailov, Group-IB specialist in digital forensics, said, for example, such a seemingly harmless application that shows traffic congestion transmits location data to the servers of companies that own the OS, and they already send it to application developers. And all this is quite legal, since by downloading this or that program, users themselves agree to such conditions. Also, applications can not only track movements, but also eavesdrop on conversations.

“The ability to listen to the surrounding space is a functionality that is found in malware,”

Mikhailov told the Prime agency.

The obtained data can be used by criminals in fraudulent schemes or in other crimes. At the same time, it is almost impossible to protect yourself from prying ears — the surveillance functionality was originally built into operating systems. But the worst thing is that even when turned off, smartphones do their job and transfer data to other devices.

The only thing the owner can do, the expert noted, is to minimize espionage. First, applications should only be installed from trusted sources. Secondly, you need to limit the access of these, as it seems, very useful programs to the camera and voice recorder. Thirdly, remove those applications that you do not use. And the last thing is to restrict access to geolocation.

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