It is better to be friends with colleagues: new rules for applying for a pension

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Previously, retirement and determining the amount of benefits was complicated by the fact that the Russians had to find a “paper” confirmation that you worked in a certain place for a certain time period. That is, it was necessary to provide a work book.

Now there are options for proof of their work experience. Firstly, even in the absence of a work book, certificates from the archive and from work can confirm the length of service: in particular, written employment contracts, extracts from orders, personal accounts, payroll statements and certificates. And another important point: colleagues can also confirm the experience. So it’s better to be friends with colleagues!

“In the event that it is impossible to obtain an archival certificate, the periods of work of a citizen at an enterprise can be established on the basis of the testimony of at least two witnesses who know the citizen through joint work during this period,”

— told the agency «Prime» Associate Professor of the Department of Statistics of the Russian University of Economics. G.V. Plekhanova Olga Lebedinskaya.

Earlier, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection made a forecast regarding the indexation of pensions until 2025. According to the document, from January 1, 2023, insurance pensions may increase by 6.8%, which will average 22,174 rubles per month. The next increase is expected in another year by 6.1% — up to 23,390 rubles. In 2025, the Ministry of Labor plans to increase pensions twice: on February 1 — by 4% and on April 1 — by 3.6%. Thus, the amount of state payments for non-working pensioners will reach 24,477 rubles.


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