It’s like an accident: a lawyer explained how to punish scooters

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Electric scooters flooded large Russian cities. Those who drive these vehicles sometimes accelerate too much and lose control of the situation on the road. There are known cases of collision with pedestrians, which usually has the most unfortunate consequences for both one and the other. Efim Kazantsev, a member of the commission for the legal support of the digital economy of the Moscow branch of the Russian Bar Association (AJR), told what to do if you have suffered from the actions of a scooter.

According to the expert, if you were run over, you can go to court and demand compensation from the person responsible for the accident. However, in this case, everything is decided by the power of the vehicle. Scooters up to 250 W are legally equivalent to pedestrians. Therefore, the provision on traffic accidents does not apply to such cases. But depending on the severity of the harm, the scooter can still be charged with either administrative or criminal liability. In this case, the general rules on causing harm to the health and property of citizens are applied. You need to file a complaint either with the police or with the court.

It goes without saying that citizens are not required to understand scooters and determine by eye what power it has. Therefore, the expert urges, regardless of the severity of the consequences, to always contact the employees of the State Inspectorate for Road Safety. They will draw up a protocol, and then they themselves will decide in whose competence the case is.

The lawyer recalled that if the harm was caused through negligence, then, according to the norms of the Civil Law Code, the perpetrator is obliged to compensate it in full. If serious bodily harm is inflicted, criminal article 118 will be applied and a fine may be issued, corrective labor or arrest for up to six months.


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