Just a little: the Russians told what they lack for happiness

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Almost all Russians — 93% — would like to make changes in at least one area of ​​their lives in order to become happier. At the same time, for the majority, the feeling of inner satisfaction is associated with money and work.

For 78% of citizens, happiness is directly related to higher wages. Another 43% of the participants said that for them it is a priority to change jobs in general — a new place would allow them to feel much happier than now. Mastering new skills is considered necessary for inner harmony and a sense of satisfaction by 38% of citizens.

Almost every third person needs very little to be happy — just a good rest. A walk in the forest or park could create the desired state for 19% of the respondents.

The rest can be satisfied with the emergence of a new hobby, new friends and a new partner, as well as the help of a doctor or coach. But there were very few such people — 16, 11 and 14%, respectively, according to Arguments and Facts.

Earlier, psychologist Svetlana Kolosova told how many days it takes to truly relax and recuperate. In her opinion, short holidays and long weekends are usually not enough. The thing is that most of them are not so much physically tired as psychologically. And it takes much more time to reboot than three free days.


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