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  • The most popular lecture topics for the adult population were economics and finance, psychology and the natural sciences;
  • 25% of respondents never listened to lectures after completing their studies;
  • 49% of respondents are ready to pay for lectures monthly, and 37% do not want to pay at all;
  • 37% of Russians listen to lectures at a time specially allocated for them, and not in parallel with other things.

August 12 is the International Day of Youth — one of the most actively learning groups of the population. In 2020, the age limit for this group was raised by 5 years — now people under 35 are considered young.

Over time, this figure is likely to grow even more, because today they look less and less at the numbers in the passport, and more and more often they implement the most daring projects, participate in the construction and development of a new world, and for this they are constantly learning.

Lectr Audio Lecture Platform and mobile application «City» for Troika card holders, we decided to find out how self-education is done in the capital region: in what format they prefer to listen to lectures, which ones they like more and how much they are willing to spend on self-development. More than 4,000 residents of Moscow and the Moscow region took part in the survey.

have listened and will listen

According to the results of the survey, the majority of respondents listen to lectures after the training has already ended. 75% of respondents answered this way (53% listen sometimes, 22% regularly). The remaining 25% never did.

And 80% said that they would definitely listen to lecture cycles in the future (60% of them plan to do this sometimes, and 20% regularly).

Interestingly, the opinions were divided almost in half when choosing the preferred listening format: online lectures were preferred by 53%, and offline — by 47%.

A third of listeners already use special services, and two thirds have not yet given preference to any platform.

When asked how they choose educational courses, respondents answered that they are looking for them purposefully on the topic (36%), they find out on social networks (28%), they ask friends and colleagues for advice (12%), and other things (24%).

Lectures that the Moscow audience liked the most

Lectures on economics and business topped the rating — 22% of respondents liked them. 20% preferred psychology, which took second place. The category of natural sciences (12%) closes the top three.

Next, with almost an equal number of votes, are lectures on history (9%) and art (8%). Respondents also named literature (3%), sociology (2%), fashion (2%), philosophy (1%), cinema (less than 1%) and others (11%).

Top 5 most liked lecture topics

  • Economics and finance;
  • Psychology;
  • Natural Sciences;
  • Story;
  • Art.

Lectures were listened to for general development and obtaining new information (as 49% of respondents answered), for work (32%), out of love for the learning process itself (6%), out of a desire to feel confident in conversations with friends and colleagues (5%) , other (9%).

The best environment for listening to lectures

According to the results of the survey, 44% of people allocate special time for listening to lectures, then most often they listen to them on the road (20%), during household chores (14%), before going to bed (6%), on a walk (3%) and in other situations (13%).

(Not) willing to spend on education every month

Almost 50% of respondents agree to pay monthly for lectures, of which 32% are ready to allocate more than 300 rubles for lectures, 10% — from 100 to 300 rubles, only 7% — up to 100 rubles.

However, 37% said they were not ready to spend money at all and wanted to listen to lectures for free, while 15% found it difficult to answer.

Survey Methodology

Location of the survey: Moscow and Moscow region

Time: June — July 2022

Target population: adult working population

Age: 18 to 70 years old

Gender: 54% male, 46% female

Sample size: over 4,000 respondents

About Lectr

Lectr is a platform for audio lectures in the humanities and sciences. Continuing education in a convenient format and a constantly updated library.


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