New rules: children will be allowed to register in other people’s apartments

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This summer, a new edition of the Rules for the Registration and Deregistration of Russian Citizens came into force — the very document that determines the procedure for registration of permanent registration at the place of residence and temporary registration at the place of stay.

It is easy to get confused in new documents and laws, but experts advise paying attention to the two most important changes. Firstly, residents of Russia will have the opportunity to register their address of residence online using the public service service.

But the second point most seriously affected the rental housing market. From July 1, 2022, registration of minor children at the place of residence of legal representatives is carried out regardless of the consent of the homeowners.

Some Muscovites have already begun to face problems when they accidentally find out that other people’s children are registered in the apartment they rented.

The passport office at the MFC explains that children are registered legally at the place of temporary residence of their parents and can only be canceled by a court decision, reports.

Experts note that the rejection of «gray» schemes for renting housing can save from such a situation. Owners should conclude a formal agreement with tenants, and the document must indicate a clause on the voluntary termination of registration and eviction of tenants.


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