Overheat and burn out: the expert told how not to charge the phone

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Many of us do not part with smartphones and phones, even during sleep. We often put gadgets under the pillow in order, for example, to react in time to the alarm clock in the device. But appliances with batteries tend to discharge during the day. Therefore, it seems logical to put the phone on charge at night. The main thing is not to combine all this, otherwise big troubles can occur, warned Sergey Kuzmenko, a specialist at the Center for Digital Expertise of Roskachestvo.

If the phone is working correctly, then you can safely leave it plugged into the network overnight. But the technique fails if you use it actively and keep it on charge all the time. And in this case, the owner may be unforeseen.

“When charging, excess current limits the charge controller, cutting off power when it reaches 100%. However, if you constantly leave the phone on charge for a long time, there is a risk that the charge controller may fail, thereby the flow of current to the battery will not be limited by anything.

Kuzmenko said.

As a result, the expert continued, the gadget will overheat. And if you put it under the pillow, the temperature will rise even more. As a result, the device will either burn out from the inside, or lead to a fire outside.

In general, smartphones, phones and other similar things are best charged under certain conditions. For example, the optimum temperature is about 20 degrees. Humidity should also not be too high.

“Humidity indicators should be normal. An excellent solution would be to try to keep the charge level at a value of 50-70%. All of this adds up to extending your battery life.”

Kuzmenko told the Prime agency.

Earlier, expert Nikita Mokeev said that in a smartphone, ordinary citizens do not need to use developer mode and delete or change any system files. Otherwise, it will cause a malfunction or make the device more vulnerable to hacking.


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