Revenge cruelly: why it is better not to mock telephone scammers

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There are probably no people who have not encountered telephone scammers. They call and try to find out the card number or passport data, or they lie, talking about tragedies with loved ones. This will bring anyone to a breakdown.

Not surprisingly, reactions to fraud can vary. Some simply hang up, others start to openly mock, others get angry and express their claims, and others even react in obscene form. It would seem that we have every right to do so.

But, as it turned out, swindlers do not think so: they began to take cruel revenge.

In recent months, there has been a new trend in phone scams — revenge on citizens who did not fall for the tricks, who were rude or mocked in return.

“The telephone numbers of such people are later used by scammers as substitutes when calling other citizens. As a result, later the “jokers” begin to receive calls from the victims of the attackers with demands to return the money”,

— Sergey Golovanov, the chief expert of Kaspersky Lab, told Izvestia.

If there was a call from a person’s number, as a result of which money was stolen, the police may have questions to the subscriber, lawyers warned.

The Central Bank recalled the main rule to be followed: in case of suspicious calls, you must immediately hang up.


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